Hurricane Poop!

It’s silly, yes. But it is true. Poop is the best non-cuss-word explanation to our situation right now. Almost all of the Nerd-Base crew are without power, and ironically, though I have power, both my a/c adapters are blown so I can’t get much done. I’m posting this from my phone.
I just want to say that although our news/reviews/general posts are going to be minor and/or slow-coming this week, we’re still going to try and get some content up. We shall persevere!!
The podcast may be late as well, but we’re going to try and get our James Bond special up by the weekend.
Be safe fellow east-coasters!!

PC*Base: Building a sub $400 PC

One thing I often hear from people when I talk about building a PC is expensive it is.  They tell me that Best Buy will sell them a PC cheaper than I can build one.  In some cases this is true, but the parts in cheap store-bought PC’s are usually sub-standard.  I’ve put together a list of products that you can buy from Microcenter that come out to less than $400.   If there isn’t a Microcenter near you, you can find similar (and sometimes better) deals at Newegg or TigerDirect.  I plan on updating this list over time as things get cheaper or parts go on sale, so remember to look back here if you want to build a cheap PC! Continue reading