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Yes! We are not gone, it is not a failed project…we just sort of got hmm…sidetracked.

Alas, we are back! We are looking to you to add a little flavor. We want your questions and comments!! Help us be interactive!

Email any contributions to chrism at and we’ll talk about them on the show!

Countdown to a Roland Emmerich movie: The Russian Meteor Event

nb meteor bannerI’m sure many of you have already heard the “SyFy movie of the week” worthy news today of the meteor that exploded in the skies above Siberia causing a shockwave that injured nearly 1000 people and caused massive damage to a large area, including some of the factory area where the Russian nuclear weapons facilities are. Scary. Alas, reports state that no real damage was caused there and there is no cause for worry. Besides, with Chernobyl just recently becoming safe enough to venture into (granted, with the proper equipment and safety gear), that would be the last thing Russia needs.

Some reports, mind you, take these with a HUGE grain of salt, say that the meteor was being tracked and shot down by the Russian military. Interestingly, the few of those that I read this morning are mysteriously gone…conspiracy much?

However, science has a better explanation, the 10-15 ton meteor, the type known as a “Bolide“, began it’s firey decent into our atmosphere and between heat, temperature, etc, exploded about 30-60 miles above ground.

Well, our thoughts go out to those injured of course, but I’m calling it now. This type of event will likely soon be made into a film or tv-movie…just keep an eye out on your netflix feed or local video store (if you still have one) shelves.

If you haven’t yet seen the video of the actual incident, after the cut I’ve included two incredible montages of video taken from various sources of the event. I’ve also included a video of some interior surveillance footage from affected buildings which is pretty frightening. Continue reading

Nerd-Base is a year old!!


I actually missed it by a few days, but that’s okay. I feel it’s a good time to drop some history on this occasion.

Late January of 2012, I had gotten fed up.

I had, the year previous, tried to start up a podcast site and it didn’t work out as I’d hoped.

My tumblr page had gotten weird….I couldn’t find a way to fit my own ideas, articles, and voice into friends’ sites. Still, I wasn’t ready to give up. I wanted a place of “my own” to post my suggestions, reviews, news that interested me, all the weird stuff that makes me the nerd I am.

So I researched. I looked at a lot of other blogs. On February 10th, 2012, with a deep breath of hope, I posted a picture of Spider-Man swinging into action. That felt right. My favorite superhero swinging me into the fold.

Now, I have something at least moderately successful. I’ve got a few amazing and intelligent friends who have contributed to making this little space on the internet something fun and maybe a little different than all the other blogs out there. We may have hit a bit of an obstacle course over the past 3 months, but now we’re back. We’re still here. We’ve learned more and I think the next year of Nerd-Base is going to be even better. Even the podcast is getting better (don’t worry, that’ll be back next week!!!).

So, for all of you that have supported me, us, over the past year…those of you that I may not know that have kept coming back to the site, those of you that have only been here once or twice that probably won’t see this, Thank You.

From the bottom of my cold, black, shriveled little heart….thank you.

-Christopher Lee Mannix

Happy Valentine’s Day from Nerd-Base!!

NB Valentine Banner

Okay, yeah, I know, from the majority geek/nerd perspective, “Dude, Valentine’s Day is just a corporate created holiday to boost sales and get people in trouble when they don’t spend money.” But it’s not. There’s a history of romance there and yeah, I won’t lie, I’ve been that guy who supplanted anger in place of loneliness and went on rants about the day…typical of the old-timey nerd days. But not anymore!

In this new day and age, it’s never been a better or easier time for bookworms, basement-dwellers, and neckbeards to find love! The geeks and nerds are celebrated all over the media, whether it be the internet, TV, Film, Magazine, Books, etc. and many a lad and lass who’d previously thought they had to hide their fandom from the world can now be comfortable in easy to find communities of like-minded individuals where they just may locate that most wonderful of connections with another person, and share the insanity and cuddle together whilst pouring over fan-art and slash/fics!

So here’s to you all! Hope you have a good day and get to snuggle up to someone special.

Now, after the cut I’ve made a gallery of a bunch of random Geeky Valentine’s cards/images that I found for you to get a giggle from. I don’t know where they’re all from, as such, I claim no ownership, so feel free to drop me a line if you see something of yours and would like me to add an attribution or take it down. Thanks! Continue reading