Quickie: Hulk Vs. Juggernaut

Jugg Vs Hulk

Okay, so I’ve been playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance a lot. Probably put in as many hours into that as Skyrim. I unlocked Juggernaut during the last PVP season, so it got me thinking.

In the comics, the two have butted heads before. Most infamously, Juggernaut once choked out the Hulk while unarmored. But as we well know, just because it happened once, doesn’t mean it will happen all the time, so what do you think? It’s a pretty consistent argument, like the ever fun Batman Vs Iron Man (c’mon, they’re pretty much the same character only with conflicting personalities) or Quicksilver Vs. The Flash.

An open field somewhere in the midwest. Both Hulk and Juggernaut have had a BAD day and are just looking to fight when they see each other……who is left standing?

So, let’s have a poll with discussions in the comments section below.

World War Z

world-war-z1Going into World War Z I felt very conflicted.  On one hand I love the Max Brooks novel that tells several stories about people’s tales of survival during a zombie apocalypse.   On the other hand this movie, which focused on Brad Pitt’s character, looked nothing like Max Brooks original work, but it did look like it had the potential to be a good zombie film.    Instead of slow shambling zombies, with a slow infection rate, the movie went with incredibly fast agile zombies that turned you into one of them within 12 seconds of being bitten.  Both approaches have their merit, and both worked really well in their respective stories.  If you’re looking for a good action horror flick, World War Z is going to be right up your alley.

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A Contest! The DC x Domo Art Contest Is Here!!

DC x Domo

It’s our first big contest!!

How to enter:Create some form of art using your media  of choice, this is no-holds-barred art war!! The only stipulation is, it has to include BOTH Domo-kun and a DC Comics Superhero(es) interacting with each other. (We’d prefer them to be on the same side, but hey, if the art’s really good, we can’t say no)

Email photos, scans, or files of the completed artwork (more than 3 photos are preferable) to info (at) nerd-base.com

Make sure to include your name, age, location and contact information.

The GRAND PRIZE winner will get to take their pick of whichever two vinyl DomoXDC figures you see in the image above, PLUS a special grab-bag full of extra goodies. We haven’t decided everything we’re gonna throw in there yet, but it’ll be fun, I assure you.

SECOND PRIZE is any two of the Domos you see above. Our pick. Maaaybe we’ll throw in a little something extra…maybe.

THIRD PRIZE one of the Domo figures you see above, our pick…and what the heck, I’ll throw in some random geeky tchotchke I have lying around. Maybe I’ll draw you a picture of Jean Luc Picard and spray it with some nice cologne….

The contest runs from NOW to June 30th, 2013. The winners will be decided by the end of the first week of July and we will contact you then. After contacting the winners, a sticky post will be made on the front page of our site and held there for a week.

For further details and ironing-outs, listen to Episode 12 of the Nerd-Base Podcast.

Cheers and good luck!! Get those entries in!!!

Microsoft’s Xbox One 80

Games XboxYesterday the Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Business, released a statement about how much consumer feedback matters to them.    In the statement Microsoft pulled a complete 180 on all of their previously announced draconian policies.     They will no longer have a 24 hour online connectivity, and games can be traded, sold, and rented as they have been for the past 30 years.  As soon as I read the announcement, I pre-ordered my Day One Edition of the Xbox One console from Amazon.  Now the bigger question I have to face is what I do about my PS4 pre-order.

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