Backing the wrong horse?

After making my post “Cancelling my PS4 pre-order” I started thinking about a few other aspects that made wonder if I’m backing the wrong horse in the console hardware race.  Recently, rumors were flying around that Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One would only run at 720p because the Xbox One can’t handle it. However the PS4 version runs at a full 1080p.  The developers of the game have made several statements saying that the game is going to look great on the Xbox One but they are refusing to deny the rumor that it doesn’t run at 1080p.  Meanwhile Sony has come out and made several statements saying that it does run at 1080p on the PS4, and hinted that the Xbox One version will not.   Microsoft has only made statements literally saying “You don’t need to know.”  Forbes is also reporting a similar rumored difference with Battlefield 4.


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TRAILER – X-Men: Days of Future Past

XM DoFP BannerThis morning, on the heels of last week’s Captain America trailer release, the trailer for Fox’s next voyage into it’s semi-sort-of-alternate-ish  Marvel U has gone up!

I honestly don’t remember much of the Days of Future Past comic arc. Perhaps I should re-read it, or better yet not. Despite them contradicting almost everything they’d done before, and almost completely ignoring any semblance of continuity or honor to the legacy of these characters, I kind of enjoyed the previous X-Men film, First Class. It was different, but it kind of felt more like the X-Men should be, also, it wasn’t just another vehicle for Wolverine (I mean, let’s be honest here, outside of the comics, Wolverine has become to the X-Men what “Whip It” is to Devo. There’s SO MANY BETTER SONGS, but the radios will only play that one). Not to mention, you actually felt some semblance of emotional attachment to the characters. Which in this film franchise, is nice.

Now, like noticing that split-second shot of Falcon in the trailer for Winter Soldier, keep an eye out here for Bishop(!), Warpath, Sunspot(? I can’t think of who else that might be) and Blink(!), who perhaps due to the lighting, looks a bit more like a Rule 63 version of Mr. Sinister.

And while you’re here, why not have a look at this Sentinel…. No seriously! Click here to see the full sized Sentinel model they’ll be using in this movie, but haven’t put in the trailer!

Doctor Sleep

hallI don’t remember how old I was when I first saw The Shining.  I’m guessing I wasn’t that much older than little Danny Torrance from the film.  When I got older, and I got into Stephen King books for the second time, I went back and listened to (I’m a huge audio book fan) The Shining, and while it was a very different book from the movie, it was still really good.  I’m not sure which I prefer better, but they were both excellent in their respective ways.

Most Stephen King books end with me wanting more.  I usually want to know what happened to the characters after they’ve endured the madness the author subjects them to.  Both versions of The Shining left me wondering what happened to young Danny Torrance after all that he experienced at The Overlook Hotel.  Over the years Stephen King thought about that same question, and he came up with a pretty good answer in Doctor Sleep.

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Why Swallow Souls? Eat This Instead!

hallIt’s time!! Well, sort of… I’m sure a lot of you are planning to either hold or attend a Halloween party this weekend, so we thought it might be fun to throw out some of our favorite “spooky” recipes that we found while scouring the web. Although it “fits the bill” to have sweets during the Halloween season, I’m a savory man myself and have tried to highlight some recipes for a more delicate palate (heh, don’t I sound fancy?).

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NEW! “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Is Here!

catws bannerToday Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for the upcoming Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier.

For those “in the know” the Winter Soldier in the comics was one of the most exciting story lines of the franchise and the character remains one of the most prominent and complex characters to come out of the series.  For those who don’t know the character, I’ll save the spoilers this time around. The one thing I will say is, so far, this movie looks rather different in tone from what we’ve experienced thus far and I’m excited!!

The Winter Soldier first appeared in 2005 during Captain America Vol.5 Issue #1 during the start of the 5-part “Out of Time” story arc.  To say anything more would be to spoil the fun of the character’s reveal, so I’ll just leave you with this exciting new trailer. Keep a look out for a glimpse at the Falcon with full wing spread!!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier premieres in theaters on April 4th, 2014