Time Warner Studios Tour Experience

got-exhibition-1300x315Recently Time Warner offered its customers the opportunity to take a tour through one of their studios called the “Time Warner Cable Studios Tour Experience”.  There were several shows that the tour featured, but it was headlined by the Game of Thrones exhibition which HBO is currently touring.  Most of the Time Warner tour was just ok, and kind of interesting, but the Game of Thrones exhibit made it worth my while.

IMGP4070The Game of Thrones exhibit featured several props used in the show. My favorite prop there had to be Jamie’s severed hand.  It surprisingly looked faker then I thought it would.  I guess they never really get too close to it in the series, or perhaps they have different hands pending on what they need to be used for?  There were several costume pieces that were roped off, and grouped together nicely.  At the end of the tour you were given the opportunity to take a picture on the Iron Throne.  It’s just as uncomfortable as described.  My one regret is that I wasn’t wearing something to make me look more badass as I sat upon the throne.

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UPDATE: Godzilla 2014: The Beast Revealed?

godzilla bannerLONG LIVE THE KING….OF MONSTERS!!!!

This article was originally published on 9.11.2013. Interesting update at the bottom of the article following the cut.

Earlier today, someone posted this image of the titular King of Monsters from Legendary Pictures upcoming Godzilla film, directed by Gareth Edwards (backtracking through articles, the source seems Continue reading UPDATE: Godzilla 2014: The Beast Revealed?

I Believe In “Bee And Puppycat”

(This is a guest article by artist, animator, Brooklynite, and general miscreant, Sarah Miskoff. Sarah’s work has been featured here on Nerd-Base previously, including this cute Halloween piece here.)

If you enjoy Animation and you aren’t that in the loop then this story is for you.

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Now, I’m very aware that Sherlock has not yet aired in the US. I would advise only reading this article if you have seen the new episode (series 3 – episode 1; aired January 1st, 2014) since there will be **SPOILERS**.  Worry not, US Sherlock fans, the new episode will air on PBS on Sunday, January 19th, 2014. 

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