The Ladies of Cosplay – Victoria Cosplay

cosplaybannerHere at Nerd-Base, we felt that our website was lacking something…a bit of lady love! We’re going to start featuring beautiful women who are amazing at cosplaying, as well as awesome nerdy ladies in general (Nerd-Babes).

It only seems appropriate that our very first Lady of Cosplay is Victoria Cosplay! Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s definitely a nerd herself and is absolutely fantastic at cosplaying! She’s been to a plethora of conventions, loves helping out her community, and has a pretty solid following. Victoria is quite the busy gal, but we were lucky enough to get an interview from her!

Who was your favorite character to cosplay & why?
That’s a tough question. I love nearly all of the characters I have brought to life. They are all so unique and beautiful in their own way. Do I have to pick just one? LOL I guess for now, it will be Catwoman. Selina is so sexy, wild, and rough. She’s intelligent, exciting and a survivor. She’s so much fun and when I put that suit on, I feel an incredible connection to her.

Do you go to a lot of conventions?
Yes, many. Both local shows and conventions around the country. 

What’s your favorite part of conventions?
Seeing my friends! I have lots of friends that I only get to see once, maybe twice a year at a con. It’s so much fun to hang out in costumes, catch up and go out to dinner. I also love making new friends.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m currently the regional leader for the state of Pennsylvania for the Heroes Alliance Charity Organization. I absolutely love giving back to the community through super hero charity work. I model professionally and have appeared in national publications. I collect toys; mainly dolls and legos. I’m a couch potato and love watching tv but I try to exercise regularly. I have a Blog, Confessions of a Cosplay Girl. I cover conventions as a member of the press. I also write original articles and conduct interviews with cosplayers.

Who’s your favorite super hero & why?
It’s always been a three way tie between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. They are the best of the best, the holy trinity. Superman is the greatest superhero to have ever lived and I love his moral code. He’s Prince Charming in a cape. Batman is the dark badass whom you do not want to screw around with. His intellect always amazes me. Wonder Woman is an icon. So graceful, wise and strong. Those three will forever remain my favorites.

Any favorite comic books?
I’m a big fan of trades. I love Batman: Hush, Superman: Godfall and any Catwoman story by Darwyn Cooke.

Any cosplay outfits you’re working on, or planning for the future?
As of right now I have no major plans but I’m hoping to have a Warrior Wonder Woman and Miss Martian done in the not too distant future. 


If you’d like to see more of this amazing cosplayer, you can keep up with her by following her blog here, and don’t forget to like her Facebook page as well! She updates quite often on both accounts, so, you’ll be able to see lots of Victoria – and you won’t be disappointed! You may even see her at your local comic convention! Keep being awesome, Victoria!

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