Ladies of Cosplay – Courtney Heavens

cosplaybannerOur second Lady of Cosplay is a super cute chick with the name Courtney Heavens, yes, that is her real name! She is quite the nerdy chick and has a passion for cosplaying, anime, and a plethora of other nerdy interests!
184670_572139675693_5789390_nWe got to know Ms. Heavens even more:

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Courtney Heavens (Yes, that’s my real name). I’m an administrative assistant to an office center in Malvern, PA by day…and a fangirl/cosplayer/seamstress/performer, also during the day.

What makes you nerdy?
My love for nerds and nerd culture, my ability to quote almost every movie I’ve ever seen, my ability to recognize an actor/actress by their voice alone in an animated film, my love of animation, my love of costuming/fashion design, and my love of superheros/villains/magical girls/mecha/lolitas.
1909958_1180475504779_5261240_nDo you go to a lot of conventions? If so, what’s your favorite part about them?
I don’t get to go to as many as I would like due to the cost for most conventions (On top of the cost of costuming for them, having money for food/hotel, etc).  But my favorite thing about them when I do get to go is all the amazing craftsmanship and originality you see people put into their work, from the masquerade to the artist’s alley. That, and the people you meet are incredible, because they share your passion for the odd, the weird, and the general not-well-understood.

Do you make your own outfits?
The costumes I have worn primarily been purchased/made with the assistance of friends. Most of my recent costumes have been OC [Original Costume], so I’ve made them using my own skills/borrowing from existing clothes I have. I am making an effort to improve my sewing and try to make more of my costumes, depending on the level of difficulty.
155843_466948253151_7094784_nWho was your favorite character to cosplay & why?
Hmmm…I’d have to say that Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket was my favorite, just because it was my first costume to wear to a convention, and it was so well received. I was worried no one would recognize me!

What’s your favorite comic book? 
I’m mostly into a lot of Japanese comic books (manga), so my favorites of those are ANYTHING by the group CLAMP and Sailor Moon. But I’m a huge fan of Deadpool from the comics he’s been in.

Any cosplay plans for the future?
Too many to list…too many to even contemplate whether they’ll get finished/ever see the light of day.

When did you first start to cosplay?
I want to say…2006? 2008? Somewhere around then.

What got you into it?
I went to Otakon (My first convention) and was inspired/envious of all the amazing costumes I saw there. The next year, I went as Tohru Honda.


Thanks, Courtney! Maybe you will see her at an Anime or Comic Convention!

So, what do you think?

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