Ladies of Cosplay – Nicci Fett


This Lady of Cosplay didn’t even realize that she was a ‘cosplayer’ until people started labeling her as one! Meet Nicci Fett! Nicci is a friend of Nerd-Base founder Christopher, and it was obvious why we wanted to pick her as a Lady of Cosplay. She’s stunningly gorgeous, wickedly talented, and hilarious. Nerd-Base was lucky enough to get not only an interview, but a good amount of amazing photographs of Nicci doing what she does best (among other things, I’m sure). Showcasing her amazing projects that she wears, or, as the rest of us call it – Cosplaying.


When did you start cosplaying?
It was never something I abruptly started, in fact when people started calling me a cosplayer I had no idea what they meant..I did not know if it was some kind of insult, or if they were mistaking my costume as something else. Lol I really always loved working with my hands on projects since I was a smelly greasy kid.

Who’s your favorite character to cosplay & why?
Drunken dinosaur Nicci…(it is usually at the end of a convention day where I semi rip off my costume only leaving remnants of it. The dino suit comes on and then an alcohol appears in my hand…magic. It is my favorite because it is fun for no one but me.

Do you attend a lot of conventions? If so, what’s your favorite part of going to cons?
YES! yes I do, I used to adore them actually. Even just a few years back ..Maybe six years? It was easy to arrive with a group of friends, you could all split up then meet back up no problem after hours! I remember effortlessly exploring, conversing about all of my fandom with groups in the artists alley, sitting in on panels, and then making rounds on the dealers floors just to waste buttloads of money on things I do not need. But now if you split with your group you are lost forever in a sea of butts and armpits takes HOURS to get from one section of a convention to another …The big cons just do not do it for me anymore..**Except for that one moment that blew my mind last year where Steve proposed to me..that was pretty cool. I am still real happy every time I am invited out to a small convention where you can be personal with everyone.

Nicci's now fiancé proposed to her at a convention! Sorry, guys!
Nicci’s now fiancé proposed to her at a convention! Sorry, guys!

Do you make your own costumes? If so, how long does it usually take you?
Yes I do .. they take hours to construct ..sometimes months to complete. My costumes contain elements of sculpting, casting/ molding, medieval chain maille weaving and random products I tend to work with range from anywhere between leathers to window caulk lol. Generally I am not one to constantly pump out cheap looking costumes but instead focus on one. I try my best to choose a character I like then kill it … I am not finished until children look at me and throw up.

Do you have anything you’re currently working on, or planning for the future?
Yep, I am currently working on a vomit worthy Poison Ivy costume. I plan on building a pretty creepy poison ivy costume for Boston Comic con.

What do you do in your free time?
Evade personal hygiene, make forts, eat all of the cookies, play with dog, video games, pull the dead skin off my feet and hide it in places I know Steve [Nicci’s Fiance] will find it.

Favorite super hero & why?
Fuck, generally my interest does not initially spark with hero’s is that strange? I always find villains more intriguing. Especially when there is actual reasoning behind them being evil and not just (there has to be evil for the sake of evil!!! Even if it does not benefit the villain in any way!) I guess I generally love characters that have been through heaping loads of shit. The saint of all killers from the preacher was pretty incredible…(not that the rest of the characters were not, everyone had an interesting awesome roll but the saint really had my attention)..I am a huge berserk fan so both Guts and Griffith/Femto are just an awesome to follow dynamic..Guts becomes so desensitized and Griffith lacks all empathy and is so self serving. I love Jackie Estacado and not just for rapey reasons, lol same goes for Frank Castle. OOHH I love Doctor Doom yet I hate the fantastic four….it pains me reading anything with them…Sorry It is hard to choose one “catch me on an alert day and I would never shut up over this subject.”

We can’t wait to see Nicci’s projects for the future! We hope you had fun reading her interview as much as we did. Talented, beautiful, funny, and really knows her nerd stuff! Don’t worry, there’s still a few more pictures for you to feast your eyes on, including a Nicci butt – you read that right.

bird (1 of 1)Titan1 (1 of 1)witchbladepic (1 of 1)

You're welcome, world.
You’re welcome, world.

Want more Nicci? We sure do! ‘Like’ her Facebook fan page where she encourages fans and cosplay enthusiasts to reach out to her with any costuming related questions. You can also follow her on Tumblr, and Instagram!

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    1. This cosplayer is so awesome, sweet and talented. I agree with that opinion!

      Seriously though, this is a letter from the Nerd-Base Admin staff: This comment is going to stay on the site with this guy’s information. We have the power to edit comments. Previously, this guy here, Richard Vasseur, has stalked and annoyed Nicci for no reason other than he is a creep who has nothing better to do with his life and can’t handle rejection from someone who rightfully has no interest in him. He changes his name, profile, etc on the regular to harass her. So whereas we will not post his original comment, we will from this point onward, continue to publish comments left here, but if they’re mean-spirited or nasty, they will be modified to be praising whatever it is they were attempting to poop on. This behavior will not be tolerated.


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