Ladies of Cosplay – Carrie Wink

cosplaybannerOur Lady of Cosplay this week was recommended by contributor Sarah! Meet Carrie Wink! She’s a beautiful, talented lady who’s been cosplaying for over a decade, has her own online business, and is a convention pro! She is quite the busy gal, and attends a good amount of conventions each year, so, we were thrilled to get an interview with her, and get our hands on some of her amazing pictures!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
My name is Carrie Wink and I’ve been cosplaying for 11 years. I got into the hobby thinking it was a Sailor Moon look-a-like contest actually! I’m the co-founder of Athena’s Wink, a staple of convention dealer’s room, a veteran cosplayer, and I currently reside in Brooklyn with my husband and cat Pixel.

When did you first get into Cosplaying?
It was Katuscon 8 in 2002, and I was dressed as Sailor mercury. My first costume was actually bought off of ebay and I needed my sewing teacher’s help to make it fit properly on me. My sewing skills have grown considerably since.


Who was your favorite character to cosplay & why?
Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. I really love the game, and as a result, I’ve made 5 different outfits from the character’s wardrobe over the year. More recently I’ve gotten into “Adventure Time”, so Fionna the Human is a character I cosplay at a lot of conventions.


Do you go to a lot of conventions?
Due to my job, I attend anywhere from 20-30 conventions a year. My favorite have to be MAGfest, The PAXes, and Otakon. I just attended my first Heroescon too, and I had a really good time as an attendee!

What’s your favorite part about attending cons?
Cosplaying with my friends, and getting to meet new people as well. It’s nice to find great people and bond with them over a shared interest in shows, games and comics.


What would you say is your single best con experience?
Honestly it’s too hard of a choice to make. I’ve been in this hobby for a decade, and a lot of conventions have been filled with fantastic moments.

I went to a underfunded and poorly managed My Little Pony convention in Las Vegas last year. They had to end the con early due to a lack of funds and couldn’t even afford to pay their guests.


Who is the one character you would love to cosplay but don’t think you could?
Ryuko from Kill la Kill. It’s not so much a level of skill issue, but I really don’t feel like I fit the character all too well personality wise. Also Emma Frost from the X-Men, just to troll my husband, who been asking me to cosplay for years, lol.


What’s your all time favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV show?
Doctor Who.


If you could have any super power what would it be?
Teleporting. I would save a ton of money on flights!


You are now the owner of a Tardis! Where & when do you go?
The Jurassic Era, or any time period when Dinosaurs walked the earth.


If you’d like to see more from the talented and beautiful Carrie Wink, follow her on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram – @winkongthings !

You can also follow her & her husband’s collaborative cosplay Facebook page, or her business Facebook page!

So, what do you think?

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