3 thoughts on “Amanda’s Nerdy Corner”

  1. So I am starting to dig Capaldi a little more than I originally thought I would. One thing I did notice after watching Into The Dalek was that it had a little bit of a Rose feel to it. How Moffet followed Clara a bit more and dug into her real life opposed to just showing a glimpse and then leaving. I would like to see her travel more with The Doctor opposed to just being picked up and dropped off. I enjoy seeing them hang in the Tardis a little before the chaos begins. Also I would love to see more episodes centered around the Tardis. It almost feels like an after thought now a days. With all that said I do feel like this Doctor is going to be one that makes a statement, one that everyone talks about, even those who don’t follow Doctor Who like you and I do. Kind of like Tennet, people always refer to him as the best Doctor. I am in wait and see mode for now though, didn’t really live the first episode of Capaldi’s reign but the second was a little better, and am anxiously waiting for episode 3…. Btw your awesome too!!!!


  2. I agree with your comments regaring Peter Capaldi. He reminds me of Jon Pertwee (the 3rd doctor for you new Whovians). I think the possiblities for this new season are really good. I also agree with your comment about Matt Smith and Moffat’s writting style. At times, they did not seem to mesh as well as one would like. By the way, nice name drop on Jekyll, loved that show. James Nesbitt would make a great Doctor. Thanks for the vid.


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