Nerd-Base’s Top Sword And Sorcery Epics


If there’s one thing I’ve always found a love for and an urge to watch when there’s nothing else, it’s a good sword & sorcery flick. Bandits, Barbarians, Knights, Ladies, Wizards, Witches, Magic Swords, Dragons, Monsters, and occasionally robots (you’ll see what I mean in a minute), all of these things in a single movie sometimes, there’s just no limit to the high level of awesome these films can contain.

Here’s my list of the best of them. The “must watch” of the genre if you will. Continue reading


Can He Swing From A Thread? SPOILERS

fb_banner___captain_america__civil_war_by_whitefeatheredcrow-d8lme83……I can’t stop smiling.

I am more than thankful right now for the infamous Sony leaks that ultimately lead to them conceding to Marvel and lending them the rights to everyone’s favorite webhead. Regardless, I have been nervous as all heck since the announcement that Continue reading

First Image Released of Disney’s New Duck Tales!


Hey! Guess What!? Next year, Disney is bringing back their beloved, Emmy award winning series, DuckTales!
Many of us remember DuckTales fondly. whether it be for the series or the infamously a Continue reading


The New GHOSTBUSTERS Trailer Is Here!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (how’s the wifi down there?), you’ve likely heard that there’s a new team of Ghostbusters in town.
The trailer for the new movie dropped yesterday morning.
There’s been a lot of words thrown around about it in the past day. Not many of them very supportive. Some of them down-right meanContinue reading