Anime Boston 2014 Cosplay

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There are a lot of great cosplayers at Anime Boston every year.  I was really impressed by several of them.  There were some bad ones as well, but I rarely ever got that cringe worthy feeling from them.  The photos were taken by Dave Chosid and I.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you want to read about our Anime Boston experiences from this year, you can check them out here.  You can also go back and check out last years Anime Boston cosplay photos as well.

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Hobbes and Bacon

I love “Calvin & Hobbes”. I’d think of putting out a challenge for people to find a more truthful and honest representation of childhood, but I know it’d be futile. There isn’t one.

“Hobbes and Bacon” was “created” by Dan and Tom Heyerman during the run of their web comic “Pants Are Overrated”. It takes place 26 years after “Calvin & Hobbes”. Calvin and Susie have married and now have a daughter named “Bacon” (after philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, Bill Watterson, creator of “Calvin & Hobbes” named Calvin after theologian John Calvin and Hobbes after philosopher Thomas Hobbes).

One night, Bacon is having trouble sleeping because she fears that her bunny isn’t up to the task of keeping her safe from “the monster” (Donald Trump, actually). She asks her father if he can help with anything more terrifying than “Mr. Bun”…he just so happens to know a “ferocious guy”.

Hobbes, meet Bacon. Bacon, meet Hobbes. The cycle of friendship starts anew.

They only made four comics, but those four were made so well. The feeling, writing and art is so true to Watterson that you can almost believe he had some part in it. It’s really sweet too. If they ever decide to do what’s needed to run with it, this could be a really successful series and it would give me a reason to buy the Sunday newspaper again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


You can find the original comics Here (Part 1), Here (Part 2), Here (Part 3) and Here (Part 4).

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The Avengers!! Exciting Movie. "Meh" Poster.



Marvel release this new “Avengers” poster. Whereas I’m VERY excited to see this movie, and it does look like it’s going to be a wild ride, I just can’t stand the posters they’ve released. It all looks too cartoony, photoshopped, hokey, ect.

Seriously, the Iron Man movies have made enough money and the character’s marketing itself spans a wide enough scope that the character in full suit is recognizable. I don’t need to see RDJ’s mug in this poster. It ruins the whole thing for me. I mean, it’s not going to stop me from throwing down my, what is it now $15 for a movie? But, with all the amazing artists marvel has under their belt, can’t we just get one, really amazing poster for this film? Is that too much to ask?


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