Remote Play over the internet part 2

I’ve been doing a ton of testing with Remote Play on the PS4, using my Vita, and the results are pretty positive, but not perfect.  In my testing, I had a 5 Mbs upload with Time Warner which is causing any issues that you see in my videos.  On games that aren’t visually intense it’s not too bad, but on NBA 2K14 it definitely hampers things.

Another issue with Remote Play, are the actual controls.  The Vita just isn’t good as a controller, and it’s a shame, because Remote Play is a great feature that’s hampered by awkward controls.   The Vita doesn’t have an L3, R3 that have been standard in most controllers for a decade since the PS2.   The back touch screen means that you have to hold the controller awkwardly or risk activating something you didn’t mean to.  Perhaps I just need to get used to the Vita, but it feels like I have to get used to using a poor design.

Remote Play over the internet between the PS4 and the PS Vita

This shows off the PS4 using remote play with the Vita across the internet. For the simplest setup you should have UPnP enabled on your home router. If your home router doesn’t have UPnP then either turn your PS4 into a DMZ host, or enable ports 9295, 9296, and 9297. Hopefully this will get you working.

Test Details:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as a mobile hotspot over T-Mobile’s LTE network averaging 15 Mbs up and down.
  • Time Warner’s home internet connection speed of 30 Mbs up and 5 Mbs down.
  • Netgear WNR3500Lv2 router with UPnP enabled.  

Minecraft 1.2 Trailer!

I love Minecraft. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have the time to let myself get sucked into it as I was when I first started playing.

After watching the video here for the updates, man, I’d be lying if I said that the itch to delve back in wasn’t getting too much to bear.

So, updated Zombie AI…yeah, that’s scary. I can do without that, hehe. You can turn ocelots into housecats!!! How about yeah? Does anyone want to lay down bets on how long it is until someone builds a world out of a gigantic cat-tree? Speaking of that, DOUBLE THE BUILD HEIGHT! Wow, that’s just…wow. Have you seen what people have built so far (1/1 scale Enterprise NCC-1701D)? There’s really some amazing and impressive build-ups out there! Okay, what else? Oh yeah, that zombie problem is a little less frightening because THERE ARE IRON GOLEMS!!!

Okay, I’m going to let go of my excitement for now. Mass Effect 3 comes out in a few days. That’s going to have my free time. But after that….well. Let’s just say that if you were to tune into my webcam at 3 in the morning and see me wearing a bib to catch the catatonic dribble as I stare intently at the screen while utilizing the best of my spacial reasoning skills to build a model of the “Serenity” as my home, don’t be surprised.


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