Prometheus "viral" Teaser


I won’t say a lot here, little needs to be said. Just watch this amazing viral for the upcoming movie by Ridley Scott, “Prometheus”.

Weyland TED Talk 2023



The Avengers!! Exciting Movie. "Meh" Poster.



Marvel release this new “Avengers” poster. Whereas I’m VERY excited to see this movie, and it does look like it’s going to be a wild ride, I just can’t stand the posters they’ve released. It all looks too cartoony, photoshopped, hokey, ect.

Seriously, the Iron Man movies have made enough money and the character’s marketing itself spans a wide enough scope that the character in full suit is recognizable. I don’t need to see RDJ’s mug in this poster. It ruins the whole thing for me. I mean, it’s not going to stop me from throwing down my, what is it now $15 for a movie? But, with all the amazing artists marvel has under their belt, can’t we just get one, really amazing poster for this film? Is that too much to ask?


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Certain things should just be left alone.


“Rule 63” as applied to Steve Jobs.

Many of the “Rules of the Internet” have proved to become a challenge to keep the neckbeards and basement dwellers of the world busy frantically wasting obvious art and technical talent to create things that frighten, disgust, and confuse us all.

This is one of them.



Doctor Who – File Under: Rumormill & Grain of salt

I’m okay with it!


An un-named source has reported that the Master may be brought back for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. He/She/It ALSO reports that the BBC is in talks with none other than Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch to portray him!


At this moment, after reading this, if you’re really quiet you can hear fanboys/girls quickly shuffling to change their collective undergarments. I know I just changed mine.

That all being said and grosseties aside, this sounds not only too good to be true, but too “fannish”. There’s been fan-fic of Doctor/Sherlock meet/team-ups for the longest time (and of course the litany of written and drawn slash/fic is difficult to avoid). I’m going to wait and see on this without definitive speculation. It does seem too good to be true as Cumberbatch would make an absolutely BRILLIANT Master.

Benedict Masterbatch

What say you?



Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Don't knock it til you've tried it!


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve been in heated discussions not only about the movies, original or prequel, but of aspect of all the other medium as well.
Many I’ve spoken to have dismissed the “Clone Wars” tv series as a kids show to be put on the backburner indefinitely, no doubt, in large part, to the fact that it’s based in the environment of the almost universally reviled prequel films.

I say now, as I’ve said for some time, don’t do that to yourself.

The “Clone Wars” is a treat. It’s a well made and planned out series that caters to the fans. It has a linear story format that, at times, seems above the age for which it seems targeted. Characters die. I don’t mean just faceless clones and robots, I mean real storyline characters that you grow an attachment to are killed off in this series. It’s relatively violent, more than you’d expect. Not simply lightsaber battles either. It’s well acted as well. Oddly, the computer generated characters seem to have more life than they did in the actual movies.

“Sorry I am, young Skywalker. Directing, one of Lucas’ strong points, is not.”

There’s quite a bit of fan service to be had as well. Nods and appearances to locales and characters you might not expect are given aplenty. There is a two part episode in season three that is a tribute to King Kong and Godzilla respectively. There is, as well, a tribute episode to the “Seven Samurai” that was rather well done, giving a wonderful nod to what is generally well known as the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa that Lucas claims formed the base of Star Wars itself.

BEHOLD!!! The Zillo Beast!! (Yes, that’s what it was actually called, just in case anyone didn’t know it was a Godzilla nod already…and LOOK AT THOSE TANKS!)

I could go on about how much I enjoy this series, but instead, I think you should check it out and form your own opinion. Don’t just dismiss something without giving it due chance. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you owe it to yourself to discover some good that has come out of the prequels.

Oh…and did I mention, Darth Maul is BACK!! Watch the trailer and be excited!






March 31 – 10am til 6pm
First Presbyterian Church of Arlington
663 Kearny Avenue, Kearny, NJ 07032-2935
After Party at the Loop Lounge – Vendors get in free!

My good friends over at are holding another flea market focused on geeks/nerds and the culture we love. The previous two were highly successful and we can only imagine this one will blow the past two away. A great time will be had by all attendees. There’s good music, lots of laughs, better food than you’d expect and plenty of new friends to make.

So, if you’re a collector or just a lover of the ol’ classic flea markets OR you’ve just got a few bucks to spare on some awesome stuff, come on down!! I’ll have a table set up, say hi!



Well, Hello Mr. Governor…or is it Dr. Governor?


Two bits of AWESOME Walking Dead News. First, it’s official, the Governor will be in Season 3. Second, he’s already been cast!

David Morrissey, best known to geek-culture as Jackson Lake, the pseudo-Doctor from the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas Special, “The Next Doctor”, will be playing the role of one of the most sinister villains in comic-book, and soon to be TV, history!


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It's story time!


Last night, I was inspired to write, something just came to me and I just went with it, start to finish, stream of consciousness. It’s not the most original tale, but I’m pretty proud of it. Tell me what you think! -Chris

“The River Stone” by Christopher Lee Mannix

Once upon a time, there was a young peasant boy named Apple. He never liked that name, so he preferred people to call him “Jeff”. Jeff was just a regular boy, under normal circumstances nary worthy of mention. He wasn’t particularly smart and for a stone-cutter’s son, he wasn’t very strong. He always felt that if given the chance, he could be courageous, but being a poor boy working a thankless job for his weary father, he had accepted that the chance to prove so would never come.

One day, while stopping at a stream for water on a trading trip to a neighboring town with his father, something caught his eye. It was the most beautiful stone he’d ever laid his eye on. Perfectly smooth and round, with a faint pearly glimmer unlike any he’d ever seen. Afraid his father would take it for which to make into jewelry, he quickly hid it in his tunic and hurried back to their cart to hide it until he got home later that evening.

For the next week or so, Jeff would examine and caress his wonderful treasure. He hid it in the barn next to the horse’s stable. Late one night, when he heard his father coming up to the barn. He hurried to get his stone back into it’s safe hiding place. In his rush, he knocked over one of the shovels and down it came, grazing right across the stone scoring an ugly line across the top. Seconds that seemed like hours passed in the horror of the one precious thing he felt he may ever own, ruined. When seemingly out of nowhere a sound that rose into a hellish, screeching cacophony filled the space around him. His father burst in the door, frantic, frightened and saw Jeff kneeling, teary eyed, holding the stone.
“What the devil was that!?” roared his father, fear fading, replaced by anger. “I…I don’t know…” cried Jeff. “I cut my stone…and the sound…”. Jeff’s father raced over, fear once again alive in his every move, his eyes fixed on the beautiful rock in his son’s lap, which, in the seconds between moments had begun to glimmer more strongly than Jeff had yet seen it. The line where the shovel had scored the stone seemed to begin shining. “Noooo…no no NO!!! Where did you get that!? Get up…GET UP!!! WE HAVE TO GET IT OUT OF HERE NOW!!!”

Jeff’s father grabbed him and pulled him up with such force, his feet momentarily left the ground and he could barely get them back under him as his father dragged him, racing out of the barn and into the woods faster than Jeff, in his 10 years had ever seen him move.
Breathlessly, Jeff yelled out, “Father! What is it! You’re scaring me! What’s wrong!?” “Don’t talk, just run, we’ve got to get it away from the town, we’ve got to get rid of it as fast as poss…..”
Out of nowhere, they were stopped as their path was blocked by a large black dragon which appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.
It reared up, slowly, then faster than they could blink, pinned both men down with it’s steely arms. “You’ve taken my child. You’ve harmed my child. Return it now and I shall leave you alive, but not without retribution.” spoke the beast.
“Please!” yelled Jeff’s father, “The boy took the egg, he knew not what it was, please don’t harm us! If you must, harm me, but leave the innocent child!”
The dragon seemed to think for a minute, it lowered it’s head to Jeff’s father and said, “The ignorance of men is of no concern to me. In your ignorance, you’ve revealed the thief, and he shall pay.”
The dragon lifted it’s arm off Jeff’s father and with a crystalline claw that flashed like lightning in the moonlight at the speed of it’s strike, it sliced Jeff from cheek to chest, leaving a magnificent wound that smoked as it seem to cauterise itself….and young

Jeff screamed.

His father, unable to bear seeing, hearing his son wounded so, blindly charged the beast.
The dragon reared back, but not up, like a giant black snake, ready to strike.
Seeing his father about to be struck down, Jeff knew so quickly, he felt his body reacting before his mind fully realized what it was doing, jumped up and threw the egg stone, striking and embedding it straight into the dragon’s eye.
The dragon roared as it raised onto it’s hind legs and threw it’s wings open, the sight of which stopped both father and son in their tracks, in which the knew not was awe or fear.
The beast dropped back down with a ground shaking thud and looked at both of them, a glowing furnace building in it’s mouth.
Quickly as he could, and with aim to match the greatest archers of the realm, Jeff grabbed another rock and threw it with a strength that shocked him. It struck the same spot. The egg shattered, screaming, exploding….

The dragon shuddered and dropped. It’s head seemed to have lost the top quarter.
Father and son each, breath held, slowly looked away from the beast, towards each other.
Jeff’s father let a nervous, proud smile lift his face. Jeff looked at his father, smiled back and said, “I knew it…I always knew I had courage in my heart.”

As he started to laugh, his father’s face again turned to horror. Before he could realize why, he realized he was suddenly…helplessly….engulfed in a fury of liquid flame.

The End.


How to get the Mass Effect 3 "Space Edition" a week early!

Okay, I’ll start by admitting that this isn’t an easy task. I think from the reports I’ve read, there will only be 5 copies of this ultra special edition in existence.

EA reports that they will be releasing copies of the game into the upper atmosphere via weather balloon, which will include a camera and a GPS tracking device which you can follow on (there will most likely be updates on their twitter account as well @MassEffect.

The balloons will be launched from New York (I’ll be watching that one), San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London and Paris. The exact date of the launch and expected touchdown have yet to be revealed. They simply advertise the opportunity to get the game a week early, so I expect it will be sometime next week (Feb 23rd to March 3rd, 2012). I expect, if you’re interested, that it’s best to keep tabs on the site and twitter feed.

Personally, I think this is some pretty damned rad marketing and you can bet your sweet bippy (if you DO, let me know, my bippy was kind of sour and I threw it away), that I’ll be tracking the NY copy and have my sneakers sitting on at all times, ready to bolt out at a moment’s notice, haha.


Mass Effect 3