WTF Did I Just Watch!? #6

This one is special.

My friend Sarah is an artist and involved in animation classes, so she, often enough, comes across a lot of weird student films and experimental animation. The weirder they are, usually, the more it makes her think of me….though I love it, and love being introduced to these wonderful things, I’m not quite sure if I should be taking that as a compliment. (I do anyway) Well, a while back, she sent me this little slice of wonderful.

In my opinion, I’ve always had a strong love of student films whether they be animation or live action. There’s just an imagination that’s inherent in them that seems to fade in the progression of their careers. More risks are taken, less consideration is based on, “Will a studio like this? Will people watch it?”, because they’re making them more for themselves than a production company. I don’t know if the creator of this piece is/was a student at the time, or just a guy with a bit of time on his hands, but this falls into the same arena. Artists left to their own devices often enough make the most incredible things.

This is a fantastic example.

Called simply “Going to the Store”, this piece still makes me crack up as I’m scratching my head. The first time I watched it, my eyes could barely grasp what they were seeing and why. It’s just that odd. But the music is catchy, so my ears didn’t protest the next 10 times or more I watched it again. On the YouTube site for it, which current has over 10 million views, the artist, David Lewandowski (wasn’t that the name of the lead character in the “Kick Ass” comic?) describe it simply thus:

“normal guy normal walk” “This is a short I made for the final episode of “Everything.” an anthology series I made for Channel 101″

I’d seen the “Everything.” series and though there’s plenty of “WTF Did I Just Watch!?” fodder on there, this on takes the proverbial cake. That all being said, enjoy!

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