Nerd-Base Podcast 4 – Turkey Poop

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Listen to some sleepy Black Friday shoppers geek out!

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One thought on “Nerd-Base Podcast 4 – Turkey Poop

  1. In response to what Rishard said about Artists being flakey. As an artist and can explain why they are “flakey” and this has been a huge thing that’s been discussed in the arts community. Mainly its because people don’t want to pay artists, they feel that they have to “pay their dues” as some may say, like hey this will make a great portfolio piece, or its practice or some other kind of BS excuse. The main thing is these “projects” aren’t paying the bills. We need to eat, pay rent, bills, college loans, what have you. Working on a project for a year without pay might not be worth it to the artists. It doesn’t make a difference weather the artists is talented or not because the work they are doing for you is not just something 20 minute thing they can bang out, artists are using years of training. Like you’re not going to tell a rookie plumber well if you work on my sink for free you’ll gain the experience.

    Also the sunday comic you were trying to remember is called Get Fuzzy.


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