WTF Did I Just Watch!? #8

Oddly, it’s been quite a while since I posted one of these. Perhaps it’s because I tried to find some really weird or awful videos to watch that none have jumped out at me as good enough to post. Perhaps I’m a little jaded, I mean, the internet at large will do that to you. But anyway, I didn’t want to post just ANY old weirdness here, and thank goodness I waited because boy, did I find a doozy!!

As infuriating as it can be, always try to at least skim through the comments section on some Gawker sites, like io9 or Kotaku, because invariably, you’ll find a few gems.

On a recent post about “strange werewolves” in movies, one commenter linked this video. I clicked on it, I researched it not at all, and after watching it, I honestly do NOT want to know where it came from or why….


One thought on “WTF Did I Just Watch!? #8

  1. LOL. If Tim and Eric made a werewolf movie I think this would be it exactly. I had to keep checking my watch to make sure it hadn’t turned to rust and returned to the earth but man, was the payoff worth it. I keep imagining the actor in negotiations with the filmmakers, “I have a dynamite body, why hide it? It brings the ladies to the theater, no? Is there anyway I could just have werewolf half face and werewolf hands?” Genius. I love that this is apparently the climax to a much larger narrative.


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