"Prototype" the movie…not the game.

Written by: Christopher Lee

Checking out upcoming film trailers, I came across this interesting little gem. I’d heard nothing about it previously. 

Italian-Argentine filmmaker, Marcelo Grion wrote and directed this film where, from what I can piece together by the trailer, seems to be sort of a combination of the Fugitive and Robocop. 

To me, it looks as if the scientist profiled in the beginning of the trailer is perhaps killed for some reason and maybe transfers his consciousness into the experimental machine. At least, that’s what I take from it.

At any rate, I like the robot design, and the film itself looks like it’ll be pretty cool.

It currently has a release listed for some time in 2013.

Ye gads! It's an interactive experience!!


Written by: Christopher Lee

Okay everyone, I’m going to start this convo here, but it’s going to be one of the topics that I intend to bring up at a Google+ hang out that I intend to host soon and turn into a weekly site feature (yes, I’m revealing that plan here and now)! Details, date and time coming soon!!

Now, onto the topic.

What is the MOST straight-up, geek-y thing you can think of? I’m talking “uncool” nerd/geek here. No Doctor Who, Star Wars, Trek or “cool-geek” stuff here that’s become socially acceptable.

I’m looking for the “real deal” nerd-bait. I want you to bring up some crap that I may have forgotten or never knew about.

Let’s have it! What do you think??


At the Blog World Expo 2012 in NYC

Written by: Christopher Lee

So today’s my last day volunteering at the BWE. I’ve been in charge (trust me, there’s a lot less gravity to that then it sounds) of archiving the audio for the podcast panels. There’s been a lot of good info passed around (and a few panels of “why exactly are you here?”). I think I’m a lot more prepared, now, to dive into this world pretty soon. I have, however, realized now how much more important it is to really have more than just one voice. So, it stands, I am under no illusion that I have many readers, and I’m still looking for contributions to this site in less of a “hey, so-and-so” wrote an article, and more of a team/partnership. That being said, if you like what you see here, don’t be afraid to drop me a line! I’d honestly love to hear from and work with you.


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