At the Blog World Expo 2012 in NYC

Written by: Christopher Lee

So today’s my last day volunteering at the BWE. I’ve been in charge (trust me, there’s a lot less gravity to that then it sounds) of archiving the audio for the podcast panels. There’s been a lot of good info passed around (and a few panels of “why exactly are you here?”). I think I’m a lot more prepared, now, to dive into this world pretty soon. I have, however, realized now how much more important it is to really have more than just one voice. So, it stands, I am under no illusion that I have many readers, and I’m still looking for contributions to this site in less of a “hey, so-and-so” wrote an article, and more of a team/partnership. That being said, if you like what you see here, don’t be afraid to drop me a line! I’d honestly love to hear from and work with you.


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