A sports post in a "nerd" blog? Th' heck?!

Written by: Christopher Lee

Swimmin' Voldy

If you look up just about anything on the Olympics today, you’re bound to see any one of the litany of sites offering “Top <insert # here> Pictures of Olympic Synchornized Swimmers Frightening Faces”.

I often enjoy a little bit of leisurely photo-manipulation, so here’s my contribution to the fold.

I’ve opened up photo reply, so feel free to show me your versions!!

When I started this blog, I had every intention of it being a sort of “full-bodied” geek blog. Where I (and any contributers that I may find, still lookin’ guys…) could really just post anything that I could be nerdy/geeky about. That could honestly be ANYTHING. It’s a very large misunderstanding that all geeks are into naught but Comics, Video Games, RPG’s and the like. But truth be told, some of us are into other things. I could sit here and go on and on about music, movies, and yes, I get really into the Olympics. I used to play basketball in H.S. Sports aren’t really as bad as some more “traditional” nerds & geeks make them out to be. I mean, you won’t find me watching foosball, but if someone says, “Hey man, wanna go out and play baseball/basketball/hockey/ect…” I’ll probably say yes. It’s fun!

So there you have it. A little insight into me (Chris) and what I intend this blog to be. I may not update it as often as I’d like, but sometimes you just hit a rut. THAT’S why I am still asking for contributers/writers. 

I plan to be porting over to WordPress within the next month/month 1/2. Anyone who could lend a hand is more than welcome. You can email me at nerdbasego@gmail.com.


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RIP Joe Kubert

Written by: Christopher Lee

Although I’ve only met you as a fan, you ran a school that honed the amazing skills inherent in a good handful of my friends, and the friends I’ve met through them, that they met through you. 
That being so, you’ve sort of vicariously filled my life with a good many talented artists that never cease to impress me with their imagination and skill, I thank you for giving me that wonderful sense of pride in people I care about. 
It may seem a weird tribute, but it’s an honest one, and one I can attribute to him on a personal level.

Just to give you an idea of the level of talent this legend of comics had. Well, for one, he ran the Joe Kubert School of Art here in NJ that many of my friends have gone to.

Aside from that, check out a couple of his “quick sketches”… (little known fact, although Kubert didn’t create Hawkman per se, he was instrumental in creating the Hawkman as we know his character today)

Joe Kubert - Hawkman

One of the awesome old weird covers of the golden age!

a lil’ Batman for ya…

Joe Kubert, thought, yes, you will be missed, your legacy will live on in the art of every student coming out of your school, and of course, all the wonderful art and imagination you’ve left in your wake.

Thank you.

Ye gads! It's an interactive experience!!


Written by: Christopher Lee

Okay everyone, I’m going to start this convo here, but it’s going to be one of the topics that I intend to bring up at a Google+ hang out that I intend to host soon and turn into a weekly site feature (yes, I’m revealing that plan here and now)! Details, date and time coming soon!!

Now, onto the topic.

What is the MOST straight-up, geek-y thing you can think of? I’m talking “uncool” nerd/geek here. No Doctor Who, Star Wars, Trek or “cool-geek” stuff here that’s become socially acceptable.

I’m looking for the “real deal” nerd-bait. I want you to bring up some crap that I may have forgotten or never knew about.

Let’s have it! What do you think??


At the Blog World Expo 2012 in NYC

Written by: Christopher Lee

So today’s my last day volunteering at the BWE. I’ve been in charge (trust me, there’s a lot less gravity to that then it sounds) of archiving the audio for the podcast panels. There’s been a lot of good info passed around (and a few panels of “why exactly are you here?”). I think I’m a lot more prepared, now, to dive into this world pretty soon. I have, however, realized now how much more important it is to really have more than just one voice. So, it stands, I am under no illusion that I have many readers, and I’m still looking for contributions to this site in less of a “hey, so-and-so” wrote an article, and more of a team/partnership. That being said, if you like what you see here, don’t be afraid to drop me a line! I’d honestly love to hear from and work with you.


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