I need your assistance!!

Starting this site, my first thought was that I want it to be a community place. I want your opinions!!
First off, what does everyone think so far? How’m I doin’?
Second and more immediate, I’m starting another new recurring article chronically all the obscure movies I’ve been watching since, well, all my life. I need a title for the series. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Movies You May Have Missed”.
I like that, it captures the essence of the series, and the “May Have” leaves it open enough for people to say, “I didn’t miss this, I saw that ages ago!”, but it just doesn’t feel “poppy” or “catchy” enough.
So, help a fella out and give me your thoughts on what I should call it in the comments section!!

Thanks bunches,
Christopher Lee

3 thoughts on “I need your assistance!!

  1. I would like to see a way to “like” and article. Maybe you can but it isn’t obvious to me. That way I can cross post articles I like on FB. If there is a way, it isn’t obvious enough to me.


    • Actually…scratch that, there’s a share option at the bottom of the article, for wordpress, twitter and facebook, but you have to open the individual articles.
      Down the line, when/if we move to our own server and rebuild the site there, it’s something we can do.


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