Why Swallow Souls? Eat This Instead!

hallIt’s time!! Well, sort of… I’m sure a lot of you are planning to either hold or attend a Halloween party this weekend, so we thought it might be fun to throw out some of our favorite “spooky” recipes that we found while scouring the web. Although it “fits the bill” to have sweets during the Halloween season, I’m a savory man myself and have tried to highlight some recipes for a more delicate palate (heh, don’t I sound fancy?).

From Sandwich Snakes to Mummy Dogs to Haunted Hummus, read on to see some great treats to stave off the hunger of those that might otherwise decide to feast on your soul… Continue reading

Want a free dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on 9/19/2012?!

Who doesn’t!?
I’m going to start by saying Nerd-Base.com is not, whatsoever endorsed by Krispy Kreme (seriously though, that would be rad…one day the site will be big enough…maybe). Also, I am not a fan of the pirate fad. What self-respecting geek doesn’t love tasty junk food and coffee? Anyway, I do love their donuts and signed up for the mailing list because they often have fun specials like this. This is seriously pretty ridiculous and I just had to share.

Seriously. That’s kind of awesome.

So, because I find this so amusing, if any of you decide to go the full-blown pirate route, and go to a Krispy Kreme all dressed up, send me pictures and I’ll post it on the site and link to your blog/twitter/ect just because that’s kind of awesome.

Have fun!!

File Under: Delishamazingsome

Written by: Christopher Lee

Okay, I totally made up that word. Some things are obvious, like the level of awe you will express when you view the video of this cake.

Tim Burton Cake

French artist of film, photo, and of course, confections, Alexandre Dubosc created this masterpiece of animated (animatable?) cake as a tribute to fellow artist, Tim Burton. Most impressively, if the theme of it weren’t enough, Dubosc created an animated ring around the cake depicting the Bat symbol from “Batman” and a pumpkin which could be taken as a reference to either “Nightmare Before Christmas” or “Sleepy Hollow”, of which I’ll choose the latter in my own perception because on top of the cake is a revolving, smiling “Jack Skellington” face.

I hesitate to even refer to it simply as “cake”. Cake brings to (my) mind some sloppily iced mess (though granted, always delicious) that I make. This goes beyond cake as we know it. We’ve all, by now, seen the elaborate culinary constructions that seem to have found a place on every blog and feed and tv channel we may peruse, but I have yet to see anything that has impressed me as much as this. For your mouth watering, viewing pleasure:

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Of course. We here at the Nerd-Base are long time nerds/geeks, what have you. We were raised on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy. This post in particular considers the fantasy aspect.

Growing up, if it wasn’t lasers and space ships, it was swords and sorcery, so it was only natural that as I got to be of a drinking age (*ahem*16*ahem*), I’d be looking to drink the libations of my heroes.


That mythical honey wine, steeped in ancient tradition and tales of glory. To this day I don’t think I’ve ever had a mug of mead and not thought of Vikings or Cimmerians. It helps that it’s absolutely delicious.

I also played a lot of D&D, both table top and old video games, so the natural progression of that was going to Renaissance Fairs and eventually joining/hanging out with the good folks in the SCA. Through them I was introduced to a litany of home brews, each delicious, each dangerous, hehe.

Well, having always wanted to brew my own, but never having the time or space for it has been a constant regret, but if you’re interested, one of my favorite sites, Gizmodo, has a great article on home brewing mead that you may want to check out!


-Capt. Chris