Review: Netflix’ “Castlevania”

I’m going to go for the top 10 reasons here. I’m not making a top 10 list per se, I’m just going to list the reasons as they’re in my brain. A word of warning. Here there be spoilers.

………Okay, just so you’re listening, there’s spoilers. I mean, go watch the series, it’s only 4 20-ish minute episodes.

Okay. You’ve been warned, here it goes:

  1. It’s only four 20-ish minute episodes. It was way too good to be only four episodes. It ends with the awakening of Alucard. Yes, Adrian Tepes, son of Dracula, one of the best characters in the series and the star of what is arguably the best of the Castlevania games, Symphony of the Night. I hate that it was only four episodes.
  2. The art style is based on Symphony of the Night, and the story is very much Dracula’s Curse leading into Symphony. Yeah, we got a proper game story treatment.
  3. Trevor Belmont. The fleshing out of his character in this is fantastic as the reluctant hero. It makes me want to replay the games and re-read the name drops and feel giddy.
  4. Speaking of that, the original Castlevania games were very much, “Go that way, whip this/chop that. Aim for the blinking points”. There are so many fun stories out there for older games that, due to the limitations of the 8-bit format, were mostly told in the booklets. So many people never knew anything past the old run/jump/collect/beat the boss aspects of those games with only a smattering of the actual story trying to be told. It’s a shame that more games aren’t given the same consideration as animated features, because this was amazing and I’d love to see Milon’s Secret Castle as a Studio Ghibli style film.
  5. Matt Frewer as the Bishop. I tend to hit up casting and trivia after I watch movies and series so that I can fully immerse myself in them without thinking about someone behind a microphone, etc. The character design and animation made the character frightening to begin with, but his voice. I was shocked to find out it was Frewer. Not to say he hasn’t done creepy, but man….he knocked it out of the park. He freaked me out.
  6.  Speaking of the voice cast…Richard Armitage. Like I need another hetero-man-crush (sorry Channing). First as Thorin Oakenshield, now with just his voice. I hate him for making me love him.
  7. Warren Ellis. You suck for being such an awesome writer. This makes me more pissed that TransMet hasn’t been made into a Netflix series yet. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOUR WORTH!?!
  8. The character/costume design. The translation of the character’s outfits from pixels to animation was beautiful. When Trevor whips off his cloak to show the black n’ reds!? BOOM! Goosebumps.
  9. The fight animation. This is no holds barred bloody remiscent of the late 80’s anime. Akin to Ninja Scroll, Wicked City, and the like. When he whips that one guy’s eye out!? YES!
  10. THE ENDING… Netflix has done this to me twice now. First with Season 1 of Voltron, now with this. So I reiterate, WHY ONLY FOUR EPISODES!!!!! I WANT MORE NOW!!

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