5 Differences between Edge of Tomorrow and All You Need is Kill


Hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to go see the excellent movie Edge of Tomorrow over the weekend.  I took some time on Friday to go see the movie a second time, and I still love the film.  Now that the movie is out I wanted to go into a deep dive into how the source material All You Need is Kill compares to the Edge of Tomorrow.  This is going to be very spoiler heavy so don’t read on if you haven’t seen the film yet.


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Edge of Tomorrow is more than Groundhogs Day + [insert title movie here]

Edge of Tomorrow NB smaller

The summer blockbuster movie onslaught has been in full force since the beginning of May.  Most summer blockbuster films are full of explosions and one liners, and while all of that can be fun to see, they are very one note.   At the NYC premiere, for Edge of tomorrow, America’s golden boy Tom Cruise, came into our theater to intro the movie, and delivered a bunch of one liners from his previous flicks.  I almost felt like he was preparing me for what to expect.   I started to imagine Tom Cruise herpin and derpin from one moment to another delivering cool one liners along the way.  I was dead wrong.  Edge of Tomorrow goes well beyond the need for a memorable one liner, and delivers the best summer blockbuster of the year.

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All You Need Is Kill

All you need is kill NBI don’t remember how, or when I first heard about, Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novella All You Need Is Kill, but I remember being super interested.  The idea of a guy living the same day every day, fighting against an alien race sounded amazing.  It’s basically groundhogs day in a sci-fi military action setting.  I finally got a chance to check it out for the first time last year, and re-listened to the audiobook recently in preparation for the movie Edge of Tomorrow.  It’s just as enjoyable now as it was the first time through, possibly even better.

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