Poll: Which Video Game RPG Is Your Favorite and Why?

RPGs have long been a staple of the hardcore geek/nerd. Some people think this started with Dungeons & Dragons. In the current incarnation this may be true. Although I’m not sure of what or how, something tells me there has to have been something before that. I mean, for one example, you have Robert Barlow, who was hugely into the worlds created by the science fiction and fantasy authors of the early 20th century to the point where he’d started contributing his own fantasy writings among clubs, groups of other would-be authors/creators, and along the way, built up a friendship with one particular author, H.P. Lovecraft.

This poll, however, is for you. With the recent release of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mass Effect Andromeda, it got me thinking about how wonderful these games have gotten. How massive they are and how much attention has been paid to enrich the lore of them to really, really immerse the fans.

That being said, of the current top Video Game RPGs (gonna keep it to VG for now, otherwise this could get out of hand), which is your favorite? Could be lore, scope/size, or just fun levels.

4 thoughts on “Poll: Which Video Game RPG Is Your Favorite and Why?

  1. I’m casting my vote for the Elder Scrolls series because I love the immersion and depth of the lore. I love being able to pick up books in the games and see nods to all the previous incarnations!! I just want them to finally break down the borders and let us back into Morrowind!!


  2. Elder Scrolls all day for me. Love the world and that vast amount of lore that reaches through the many eras. I love being able to travel the world and make my own stories.


  3. Pokémon Silver! Best game of the series. Day/Night system, new worlds and old worlds to explore, repeat battles, emotion integration…and color!!!


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