As I sit here at my desk pretending to do work that matters, I find my thoughts woozily drifting off to to the stars of 2183 and interstellar space travel. Sipping my green shake in my N7 hoodie, I fondly remember my expedition with Garrus, Wrex, and most importantly Commander Sheppard. Ten years have passed, and still the journey is as fresh as the day I started.

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PS4 FAQ Breakdown

ps4retailcontentsAfter pouring through the PS4 FAQ last week, I wanted to give a breakdown on some of the important items that might be easy to miss.  There are a lot of positives and negatives going on that people can overlook.  I’ve added commentary on some items to give clarification and insight on what’s actually going on, or at least what we believe is going on. The original FAQ Sony posted is twice the size this and very disorganized.  I’ve moved items around into different sections to make the FAQ easier to follow.  I’ve also removed a lot of unimportant or redundant items to cut down the size of the FAQ.  I mostly stay away from console comparisons because this is about the PS4 specifically, and not meant for console war flame bait.

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