As I sit here at my desk pretending to do work that matters, I find my thoughts woozily drifting off to to the stars of 2183 and interstellar space travel. Sipping my green shake in my N7 hoodie, I fondly remember my expedition with Garrus, Wrex, and most importantly Commander Sheppard. Ten years have passed, and still the journey is as fresh as the day I started.

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Poll: Which Video Game RPG Is Your Favorite and Why?

RPGs have long been a staple of the hardcore geek/nerd. Some people think this started with Dungeons & Dragons. In the current incarnation this may be true. Although I’m not sure of what or how, something tells me there has to have been Continue reading

PS4 FAQ Breakdown

ps4retailcontentsAfter pouring through the PS4 FAQ last week, I wanted to give a breakdown on some of the important items that might be easy to miss.  There are a lot of positives and negatives going on that people can overlook.  I’ve added commentary on some items to give clarification and insight on what’s actually going on, or at least what we believe is going on. The original FAQ Sony posted is twice the size this and very disorganized.  I’ve moved items around into different sections to make the FAQ easier to follow.  I’ve also removed a lot of unimportant or redundant items to cut down the size of the FAQ.  I mostly stay away from console comparisons because this is about the PS4 specifically, and not meant for console war flame bait.

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Nerd-base Podcast 7 – Hobbity Euphemisms And Tearful Cinema

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We’ve had two “Lost Episodes”…now, just one..BEHOLD!! EPISODE 7 IS HERE!!! (episode 9 is likely far off if it ever comes, haha) This episode, Chris sits down with new(er) Nerd-Base contributor, old friend, and regular member of the Digital Press Podcast and Video Game History Museum, Frankie Viturello! Continue reading

Nerd-Base Podcast 10 – The One That Didn’t Get Away

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It’s like a super group! A dream team! For the first time we have the whole regular podcast crew together on one extra long show!! Dave, Rishard, Brian, & Chris all laughing and talking over each other’s crazy, nerdlicious musings!! Okay, the show didn’t go long because we were Continue reading


xbox-logoToday, at 10am PST/1pm EST, Microsoft will be broadcasting an “important” announcement. Likely, it’ll be their new gaming system!

Watch the announcement streaming live on Xbox Live or online at http://www.xbox.com/en-US/hub/reveal. They also have a twitter hashtag set, #XboxReveal

Check back for an updated post after the announcement!


DuckTales! Some Re-makes Aren’t So Bad!

Ducktales banner

Here’s a game that many of us played and loved….perhaps more than we realized.

I wasn’t a big fan of the mainstream Disney characters. To this day, if you were to ask me what my favorite classic Disney cartoons are, I’d still say The Black Cauldron, The Sword and the Stoneand Fantasia. Mickey Mouse never did it for me, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, etc. Not really a fan. But there was just something about DuckTales that clicked. It was a fun, well made series. The best thing to come out of it, however, was the video game that came out in 1989 for the NES.

Games based on popular licensed properties have RARELY been good. Sure, there are exceptions like Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicChronicles of Riddick, and the recent Walking Dead titles. But notice…those are all *new* (do I need to mention the LOST game?). Back in the day, the NES days, production companies would license anything and everything. Just to make more cash. To them it was no more different or important on the consumer end than slapping a decal on a t-shirt. Little effort and less love was put into most of them. *cough*E.T.*cough*. DuckTales, however, changed that.  Continue reading

UPDATED: NYCC COSPLAY!! Now with MORE pictures!!

UPDATED!! NOW WITH MORE PICS! Both the easiest and most difficult post-con piece is the Cosplay gallery. Easy because I don’t have to write a lot, difficult because By Golly! did we take a lot of pics.
Just one note, all these pics are ©Nerd-Base.com, if you see a pic of yourself you want taken down let us know (email: info@nerd-base.com), OR if you’d like to use any of our images on your blog, facebook, twitter, tumblr, ect, just be sure email us first, let us know, give us credit and send us a link. Thanks!
Other than that….Enjoy! 

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