As I sit here at my desk pretending to do work that matters, I find my thoughts woozily drifting off to to the stars of 2183 and interstellar space travel. Sipping my green shake in my N7 hoodie, I fondly remember my expedition with Garrus, Wrex, and most importantly Commander Sheppard. Ten years have passed, and still the journey is as fresh as the day I started.

With Mass Effect: Andromeda released earlier this year, the Mass Effect series celebrates a ten year anniversary today. Popularly dubbed N7 Day after the fictional Alliance special forces proficiency, many across the interwebs will proudly share their love of some of the greatest video game story-telling to grace our fingertips. Bioware embraces this day with a sale on merchandise in their online store and teasers for new content. This year is no different. There are N710 commemorative shirts for sale and a teaser, of sorts. What kind of teaser, you ask? Check here: N710

Not much for an announcement. Yet. But the fans are hopeful. As is interstellar space travel, waiting is the hardest part, and the vagueness that Bioware treats its loyal properties with is not something new. It doesn’t help knowing though that Mass Effect: Andromeda did not fair well and all DLC moving forward was canceled. Could this mean a turnaround in their thoughts on DLC for ME:A? Could we be seeing a new story developing?  Or are we all just awaiting an announcement for more merch? I mean, I wouldn’t say “no” to more gear for the holidays (**hints at wife**).

What are you looking forward to today? How has the series changed your world? Leave me some thoughts in the comments below.

Happy N7 Day to those who celebrate.

“After time adrift among open stars, among tides of light and to shoals of dust, I will return to where I began.” – Tali

And to travel down memory lane, here are all your cinematic trailers:

So, what do you think?

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