Nerd-Base interviews the Venture Bros. at NYCC!


I’ve just recieved confirmation that I will have the privilege of interviewing Doc & Jackson AND WE WANT YOUR QUESTIONS!!! 

Well…not ALL your questions, but we’d like to give you, our readers, the opportunity to have your burning questions answered  among our own.
We will create a poll based on our picks of the best questions you leave in the comments here, and then let you vote on the top 5 to be brought up in the interview*.

*Time permitting, I’m not sure exactly how they’re working the interview panels this year.


9 thoughts on “Nerd-Base interviews the Venture Bros. at NYCC!

  1. I love the soundtrack to the show and listen to it on the reg but I can’t help but notice one egregious omission: Dr. Orpheus’s theme music. How can we get our hands…err…ears on it?


  2. Other shows, after an unexpectedly long run, seem to lose sight of the original intention of characters or decide to change their characters. For instance, The Office’s Michael Scott is initially introduced as a idiot self-absorbed boss. Later, he becomes more quirky and endearing. Do you feel that your characters have suffered or benefited over time? Do you fear that this could happen in the future?


  3. Are there particular character that you currently enjoy more than others? Has this changed over time? Do you regret any characters or wish that you had gone a slightly different direction at the outset?


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