My NYCC panel experience


This year at New York Comic Con I think I spent more time in panels than I ever had before. Part of that is because I was usually standing in line for sometimes up to 3 hours to get into a the panel which caused me to miss out on other interesting panels my line wait conflicted with.  This year the max I waited for anything was about an hour, and I think I got into everything I actually wanted to.

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NYCC dropping the ball in 2014?

It seems like there have been several issues with NYCC this year, starting with ticket issues, where 3 and 4 day passes sold out in record time, only to be sold by scalpers on eBay later.  For the most part I don’t have a huge issues with this.  It’s a difficult situation to manage because scalpers have pretty much ruined any event the same way, unless they take draconian steps like San Diego comic con has, which is also extremely hard to get tickets to.   NYCC has made some pretty big changes this year, and some decisions we can’t really judge until the convention is over with, but one thing I’m against is NY Super Week.  On the surface NY Super Week seemed like a potentially good idea, but now it feels like a scam.

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An Evening With John Barrowman at NYCC.

It’s 6:30pm at NYCC and folks were either at The Walking Dead panel (which I am pretty bummed out that I missed) or the John Barrowman panel. Unfortunately, the two were at the same exact time, and it was a tough decision, but after that very quick hour with Barrowman, I knew I had made the right call.

John entered the stage and the entire room cheered, applauded, and stood up out of their seats in order to get a glimpse at the one and only, John Barrowman. He was bursting with energy, and put a smile on everyone’s face instantly.  John is such a geek fanboy and you could see how appreciative he was that everyone was there for him, and even said, “I didn’t expect that I was going to be so popular here!”

Before he began his Q&A session with the fans, he took out his tablet and announced that at every panel he makes a video to send to his mom & dad (cue the entire room’s “awwwww”). While he was attempting to set up the video on his tablet, he was still engaging the audience and cracking jokes because he knew time was precious at a large event like this.

As he finally got his video feature set up, he requested that we do two things. The first was to cheer and wave hello to his mom & dad, and the second request was for his niece who recently had a baby named Finnegan, and he wanted us to say “Hi, Finnegan!” When he was explaining this to us, he accidentally said, “Can you all shite… SHITE? Actually, when she had the baby she felt like she was having a big shite, I can tell you that!” I would pay to see this man Continue reading

NYCC Cosplay 2013

NB NYCC Cosplay banner

For the insane amount of people that attended NYCC this year, it felt like there wasn’t as many cosplayers as usual. That, or they were just lost in the crowds. Either way, the ones we DID see were a step above and beyond what we’ve seen yet. They’re getting better and better.

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Preview: Hello Hero!

HH_KeyArt_01For the past few NYCC’s, I’ve complained a bit about all the non-comic related media permeating the event. This year, I found myself missing it quite a bit.

Thankfully, Nerd-Base had been invited by South Korean developer Fincon to their NYCC after party promoting the US release of their popular (currently Fincon’s top-grossing game overseas) mobile RPG, Hello Hero.

In Hello Hero, players will journey with a team of five heroes across the Planet of Armon, battling against evil forces with sharp swords and powerful magic while gaining experience. As players build up their roster of Heroes, from guitar-playing cactus to a seductive succubus or a spear-wielding shark, Continue reading

My Very First NYCC Experience

It’s Saturday morning, and my first day attending New York Comic Con 2013! Excited, but anxious as I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to only two conventions before, but nothing like this.  My first convention was Philly Comic Con (Wizard World), which was crowded, but quite small and didn’t consist of many panels. The second convention I went to was the Supernatural Convention in Whippany, NJ back in May of this year (run by Creation Entertainment).

Any geek convention is basically the cosplay center, so, naturally I had to do some sort of cosplay for my first day attending. I had recently become a big fan of the Hawkeye comic books and decided to do a two-part cosplay with fellow Nerd-Base member Christopher as Hawkeye & Kate Bishop. I tried to get as accurate as I could with her outfit in the comics (specifically the one pictured here), but it’s nearly impossible to find a matching zip up jacket and jeans that are exactly the same shade of purple.

Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye Comics.

Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye Comics.

Unless of course you make it yourself, special order it, or wear a body suit and customize it from there. Luckily, I ended up finding a nice purple zip up “yoga jacket” from Target (as well as the purple aviators), and purple jeans with a nice wide belt from H&M. Also, being that I’m blonde, I ordered a black wig from eBay to top it off. The one thing I was missing was the helmet pictured, but there was no way I was either wearing a helmet over my wig, which was already bothering me from the moment I had put it on, nor carrying it around. So, I decided to do without it.  Chris had nailed down the Hawkeye cosplay perfectly. We had seen a few Hawkguys at the con, but none with the details he had put into it, including the gauze wrapped around his arms, and medical bandages randomly placed on his face. Chris had also dyed his hair blonde! That is dedication, my friends. Continue reading

My Top Five for NYCC 2013

NB NYCC 2013 bannerI’m in full on New York Comic Con recovery mode.  Thank God that today is Columbus Day and I don’t have to go to work because my body wouldn’t be able to take it.  My pedometer tells me I walked about 38 miles over the previous 4 days, and I can feel it, but damn it was worth it!   For those that couldn’t make it to comic con, I’ve put together a list of the best things that happened at NYCC for me this year, in no particular order.

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