An Evening With John Barrowman at NYCC.

It’s 6:30pm at NYCC and folks were either at The Walking Dead panel (which I am pretty bummed out that I missed) or the John Barrowman panel. Unfortunately, the two were at the same exact time, and it was a tough decision, but after that very quick hour with Barrowman, I knew I had made the right call.

John entered the stage and the entire room cheered, applauded, and stood up out of their seats in order to get a glimpse at the one and only, John Barrowman. He was bursting with energy, and put a smile on everyone’s face instantly.  John is such a geek fanboy and you could see how appreciative he was that everyone was there for him, and even said, “I didn’t expect that I was going to be so popular here!”

Before he began his Q&A session with the fans, he took out his tablet and announced that at every panel he makes a video to send to his mom & dad (cue the entire room’s “awwwww”). While he was attempting to set up the video on his tablet, he was still engaging the audience and cracking jokes because he knew time was precious at a large event like this.

As he finally got his video feature set up, he requested that we do two things. The first was to cheer and wave hello to his mom & dad, and the second request was for his niece who recently had a baby named Finnegan, and he wanted us to say “Hi, Finnegan!” When he was explaining this to us, he accidentally said, “Can you all shite… SHITE? Actually, when she had the baby she felt like she was having a big shite, I can tell you that!” I would pay to see this man do improv comedy, seriously. He is so witty and quick on his feet, that he’s able to turn any awkward moment or mistake into a funny joke.

John tells his excited fans to be patient.

John tells his excited fans to be patient.

After we all, very happily, did the favor for John, he asked us, “So, do we ask questions here?” It was kind of adorable that he wasn’t even 100% sure what he was doing on his panel, and that he was just happy to be there. When many people shouted, “yes!” He replied with, “okay, you do, because I like to get right to the questions with you guys..” and not even halfway through his sentence, a mob of people jumped out from their seats and dashed over to the microphones that were set up on each side of the room. John had noticed all of the people going wild as if it were a race to the microphone and exclaimed, “Oh my god.. don’t everybody.. wait, wait, wait, wait, WAAAAAIT.. Be polite! ‘Cause if I see anybody being an asshole, you’re sittin’ back down!” It was funny, but I am glad he said something because people can be relentless when it comes to events like this.

“Okay, we’ll do what I like to do best and that’s go both ways.” Is the first thing John had said to the line of fans anxiously waiting their turn to ask him a question. Then after the roar of cheers and screams, John added, “I should say Captain Jack, because this boy is totally gay!” and the cheers got much louder.

If you’re reading this article, I shouldn’t have to explain, but I will just incase. Captain Jack [Harkness] is John Barrowman’s very infamous character on the hit BBC show ‘Doctor Who’ and its spin-off show ‘Torchwood’. Both Jack and John are very easy to fall in love with, except Harkness will.. um.. ‘love’ anyone. Doesn’t matter of the gender, race, sex, or even species – as both Doctor Who and Torchwood are science fiction shows, there are many aliens for Jack to choose from!

Speaking of Doctor Who (again, if you don’t watch, I’m not sure why you’re actually reading this article..) but the 50th anniversary of the show is coming up on Saturday, November 23rd. Many people that heard of Doctor Who, but don’t know much about it just assume that it’s this hip new show that the kids are watching. Well, your parents were probably watching it too back in the day. The very first episode (in black and white) aired on November 23rd 1963, and the show had a hiatus for a good chunk of time in the 90’s to the early 2000’s (although there was a movie during that time). The reboot of Doctor Who returned in 2005 and has become massively popular all around the world, once again. I got turned onto Doctor Who from a few friends of mine back in 2009, and my entire world changed because of it.  I more than likely wouldn’t be writing this right now if I had never seen an episode of Doctor Who. My first and only tattoo is the Time Lord Seal, and one of the many reasons I fell for my boyfriend and best friend is our shared love of Doctor Who. As you can see, this show holds a much deeper meaning to me than “just a show.” The point of this is, the anniversary that is coming up soon is a very big deal, and every Who fan absolutely adores Captain Jack.  We haven’t seen him since the David Tennant years (circa 2009), and are anxiously awaiting his return.

Taking one look around the panel room, it was easy to see pretty much every person there was a Doctor Who fan and the question would bound to arise, and John knew it. Before the first person could ask their question, John announced, “and I’ll tell you right now, I’m NOT in the 50th anniversary.”  Everyones heart had sank at that moment, and many “boo’s” were shouted. He took a pause then added, “not my call!” Not only because he was on the show, but even as a young boy, John has always been a big Doctor Who fan. You could hear in his voice that he was just as disappointed as we all were.

The first few questions weren’t really questions, but more just admiring John and praising him for being the person that he is. One younger kid (by younger, I mean teenager) had apparently messed up a friendship recently and had asked John if he could sign a sonic screwdriver for his friend to get in her good graces again. People, I understand that you probably had no other chance to do this, I get it, but you’re really putting the celebrity in an awkward position when you start requesting autographs/photos/hugs..etc. at a panel. You’re putting them on the spot. How is it fair for him to sign yours, but not sign the 500 other people’s? However, John, being the sweetheart that he is, agreed to it, but made it very clear that he would only sign that one and no more. Even cracking a (somewhat serious) joke, “I don’t want people saying ‘Would you please sign this because I got a dead grandma!’..She’s f**cking dead, alright!?” He obviously wasn’t actually mad or bitter for the request, but he did want to make it clear that he wasn’t taking anymore sob stories from the audience (it also takes up time for other questions!).

Another question, or type of question I should say that John isn’t a fan of, is “What’s your favorite….” He, again answered the best possible way that he could, but he feels uncomfortable answering “favorite” questions because he said once he says something is his favorite, whether it be at a panel, or interview, then it’s stuck. He answered the question by noting some of his favorite moments on Doctor Who. For a not so favorite question of his, he still went above & beyond answering it. Even going so far as to act out some of his scenes (the running scenes with Tennant) and how they had to act like they were fine, when they both were extremely winded being as John had a heavy coat & heavy boats while he was dressed as Captain Jack. Showing us once again how amazing of a man he is, and how he does appreciate his fan base no matter how much he doesn’t like answering certain questions.

The best question of the entire night (mostly because of John’s reaction & answer) had me falling out of my seat. A young woman had complimented him, and then proceeded to ask, “You seem like a fun guy.. what is your ideal party?” Okay. This is one of those ‘you REALLY needed to be there’ moments. I got a chuckle from the few people I told what had happened, but actually seeing John do it… is priceless. He held the microphone above his head, and rubbed it all around his head and upper body, and made very obscene and hilarious gestures (I really don’t have to spell out what the microphone was representing, do I?). He did, however, have a genuine answer regarding Captain Jack and how he’s a lot like the character, and gave a nice answer, but his original “answer” will never be topped.

Misha Collins and John Barrowman

Misha Collins and John Barrowman

Ah, I had almost forgot about this part of the panel… someone had asked what John’s thoughts are on Misha Collins (WHAT?! I know, I know). Let me explain… anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely ADORE Misha Collins – he is the hottie angel, Castiel, on the CW show Supernatural. Not only is he an amazing actor, but he’s also quite an amazing person. Misha not only started his own international scavenger hunt (GISHWHES) for people to form new friendships between those who were once strangers, and getting people to come out of their shell in terms of shyness, but he also started a charity group called Random Acts, and makes frequent trips to Haiti to help restore schools and make lives a little bit better for those in need. Truly a beautiful person both inside and out. Generally (but not always) the fans that enjoy Doctor Who, usually enjoy Supernatural (as well as Sherlock, Harry Potter, and other related fandoms). Just this past April, John and Misha had not only met, but decided to take some fun pictures together. These clever two knew exactly what they were doing, and thus the internet exploded.

<FANGIRL MOMENT>So, the first thing out of John’s mouth was “My Mishacockapooka” and the room broke out into laughter and cheers. He then goes on to say how he adores Misha and comments, “Misha and I are just like… lovers passing in the night.” He compares their relationship to that because they always have very brief meetings at random events. John continues, “We’re always like ‘quick picture for all of the fans.. they’ll love it, right!? What should we do? Hug! *makes an ooh noise* Instagram, twitter’ then you guys are like OMIGAWDMISHAJOHNOMG *screams*” John even admittedly said, “although I do enjoy hugging him… we do know what we’re doing because we know that you guys LOVE it.” You couldn’t be more right, John, you could not be more right.  Even still toying with us and playing around John adds, “We’re hoping the next meeting we’re going to take it a step further…” Oh, John. Torturing us all, and we love it. < / FANGIRL MOMENT>

Towards the end of the panel John brought out his own personal Superman. Superman was John Barrowman’s adorable husband Scott Gill!  As soon as Scott walked on stage, John screamed, “You look awesome in that! We are SO taking that home!”  It was clear that these two are always having fun together and completely head over heels in love, still, even after 22 years together (and recently married!).

John's husband, Scott Gill enters the stage as Superman.

John’s husband, Scott Gill enters the stage as Superman.

I’ve been sitting here smiling ear to ear as I replay John’s panel, and with all that I put into this article, there is plenty that I left out. Writing out John’s hilarious stories, from walking around in feminine products to shitting his pants in a car, will not do any justice. John also sings, tells us heartwarming stories of his Doctor Who experiences, and in true Barrowman fashion, shows us his underwear. If you’re in the mood to laugh, listen to the audio from this fantastic panel, and if you do ever get a chance to see a John Barrowman panel, drop everything you’re doing and go see it. You will not be disappointed in the least.

As one last treat, here’s John’s underwear of choice for that evening – take a wild guess one what he wore.

John shows off his Superman underwear.

John shows off his Superman underwear.

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  1. Awesome, awesome review! Makes me wish I had been there while making me feel like I had attended….well no, maybe not that, as I know the real thing was better than anything my imagination could come up with. But massively informative.


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