Typing is fun!!

Who doesn’t love typing!? Heck, I’m doing it right now! Many of you who are reading this probably do it every day, but who ever thinks of how fun it can be?  

Surely, the keyboard can be considered a game controller in and of itself. It’s got arrow keys, plenty of buttons, of course. But how many games have been made where it’s actually been used, not for simple movement or button mashing or inventory organization, but for “typing”. Words, ya know?

Don’t worry. I don’t.

A lot of you probably remember the first (perhaps only) big typing hit, “Typing of the Dead”. Effectively, it was a rehash of “House of the Dead” (remember? That awesome arcade shooter with the gloriously hilarious voice acting), where instead of shooting the zombies and monsters, they’d writhe around the screen with words over their heads, and you had to type out those words to defeat them. I assure you, it was a lot more fun than it sounds. Also, I attribute the amount of time I played that game to how well I now type versus the “hunt & peck” method I used to use.

Ummm….uh huh. Well okay then.

In this day and age, typing is a necessary skill. Especially with how often people are getting “called out” on mis-spelling and grammar (a fad which I am 100% behind, even if I do make the occasional mistake myself). Yet, we’ve not seen any fun typing games coming out.

Yeah. Robots and Leotards. I think you can do better than this Mr. Game Designer.

There’s seriously so much potential out there, yet we are left with naught but several handfuls of flash-based browser “games” made for children to get their “funducation” on.

I’m no expert here, so I ask you, have you experienced any fun typing games that I have missed? What were they? When did they come out? This inquiring mind wants to know!

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