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Play Games, Save Lives

The Extra-Life charity event is a gamer-centric event (though any and all are more than welcome to participate/donate/contribute) where individuals or teams gather and promise to game for 24 hours straight through while blogging/vlogging the experience in a sort of crowd-sourced “telethon” of sorts to raise money and awareness for children who have fallen ill with any variety of terrible, sometimes terminal diseases. Thousands of gamers and hundreds of websites have been created for this event and together have raised MILLIONS of dollars to help treat and even cure these kids. To give them an “Extra Life”. ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO HELPING THE CHILDREN IN THEIR RESPECTIVE HOSPITALS. That’s so important to mention, it had to be capped, bolded, and italicized. A more honorable task, you’ll be hard-pressed to find.

We sometimes forget that as cynical and sarcastic as we, the “nerd/geek/gamer/fanboy” community can be, we also have some of the biggest hearts in the world and I’m constantly in awe of what we can do when our powers combined are given a focused target.

Extra-Life was formed in 2008 by a gentleman known as “Doc” who, during his time as a radio DJ, came to know a young girl named Victoria “Tori” Enmon that had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. At the time, Doc had belonged to a group called the Sarcastic Gamer Community and during one of her hospital stays where she really couldn’t get out, he asked the community to help out by sending her games to raise spirits. They responded better than any could have hoped. Sadly, Tori soon after passed away, but her spirit lit a flame in Doc and the community at large and he dedicated himself to honor her memory by continuing to help children who had become innocent victims to horrible illnesses via the Chlidren’s Miracle Network. Doc has since quit the radio biz and gone on to work full-time for the CMN as their Radio-thon Director.

A video was made better describing this story, please watch: Continue reading Play Games, Save Lives

My Corner of the World RETURNS!!! Here’s the preview for Ep.5: Assassin’s Creed III


Unlike Batman/Bruce Wayne, Brian has taken a realistic journey from “The  Pit” back home. It’s taken him a bit, but he’s stronger, faster, umm…smarter? Maybe?
Well, he’s definitely still entertaining as all get-out and back to making his fun original series for Nerd-Base!! Here’s the preview for his next episode!


Review: Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is a new XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) game by Klei Entertainment.  Klei brought back the similar artistic style, and gameplay that they are known for in games like Shank, but they added stealth into the mix.  Instead of Shank’s run and gun gameplay, you have to think more, and puzzle your way out of a situation.   Continue reading Review: Mark of the Ninja

Ye gads! It's an interactive experience!!


Written by: Christopher Lee

Okay everyone, I’m going to start this convo here, but it’s going to be one of the topics that I intend to bring up at a Google+ hang out that I intend to host soon and turn into a weekly site feature (yes, I’m revealing that plan here and now)! Details, date and time coming soon!!

Now, onto the topic.

What is the MOST straight-up, geek-y thing you can think of? I’m talking “uncool” nerd/geek here. No Doctor Who, Star Wars, Trek or “cool-geek” stuff here that’s become socially acceptable.

I’m looking for the “real deal” nerd-bait. I want you to bring up some crap that I may have forgotten or never knew about.

Let’s have it! What do you think??