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Unrivaled Tournament Series 2: Table Top Boogaloo

A tabletop game renaissance is upon us. With the success of the Unrivaled Tournament Series in Las Vegas this past November, many tabletop gamers have been left to their corner of the table eagerly anticipating the 2018 game lineup. Last year’s smash hit titles ranged from household favorites Ascension, Munchkin, and King of Tokyo to games of lesser-known popularity with Epic Spell Wars 2, Nevermore, and Villager & Villains. As the 2018 series looks to begin with finals taking place this August in Chicago, gamers from around the country are eagerly anticipating word on what games could help them win eternal glory (and a sweet payday). Now we can all just sit here and count our meeples, but I’ve compiled a list of the top five games I’d love to see in this year’s Unrivaled Tournament Series: Continue reading Unrivaled Tournament Series 2: Table Top Boogaloo


As I sit here at my desk pretending to do work that matters, I find my thoughts woozily drifting off to to the stars of 2183 and interstellar space travel. Sipping my green shake in my N7 hoodie, I fondly remember my expedition with Garrus, Wrex, and most importantly Commander Sheppard. Ten years have passed, and still the journey is as fresh as the day I started.

With Mass Effect: Andromeda released earlier this year, the Mass Effect series celebrates a Continue reading N710

Gaming Unplugged – Plano Boxes

Gaming Unplugged BannerChits.  Dice.  Miniatures.  Stuff.  Tokens.


If you’re like me, and you’re not because then you would be writing this, and I would be reading this, and it would be really weird especially since you’d be living in my house, I love board games but tend to get overwhelmed by the amount of parts, pieces, dice, cardboard, etc.

Let’s rewind for a minute. Continue reading Gaming Unplugged – Plano Boxes

Review: Total Confusion 2013 (Gaming Con)

Part of the CCG and board game room

Total Confusion is my favorite gaming con. It is pretty much a 4-day pure gaming convention made up of a good number of board games, RPGs, LARPs, card games, and table top model strategies. There is also a small vendor area, some panels, a video game room, a video showing area, and some performances. There is even a listing of old-school RPGs for geezers like me. I try to hit this con every year. This year’s con (27 years and going) ran from February 21-24, 2013 in Mansfield, MA; I attended on Saturday.

Some of the RPG tables
Some of the RPG tables

If you pre-reg you can usually get into the games you want. I never have the forethought to do this but one can still always find interesting things to try. Actually, one of my great enjoyments is Continue reading Review: Total Confusion 2013 (Gaming Con)

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Video Game review

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a follow-up/sequel to Transformers: War for Cybertron ​by High Moon Studios.  It uses the original characters from Transformers Gen 1, but changes the story up.  Both games take place before the Ark crashes on Earth which makes them prequels to the original 80’s cartoon.  Unfortunately they made story decisions to the game which would completely alter cartoon continuity.

​If you were a huge fan of the cartoon then some of the changes they decided to make, like  Shockwave creating the Dinobots on Cybertron,  might bother you a bit.  That being said, getting to smash everything in sight as Grimlock is an awesome experience.

High Moon might have realized they were going to upset some fans with certain choices they made, but they made up for it with all the fan service.  There were probably at least 10 different quotes I recognized that were the original animated movie.

The graphics and sound are a good improvement on what was already a good start from War for Cybertron.  They also made improvements on how open the world feels in some levels.  In War for Cybertron I always felt a bit on rails as far as where I could go and when.  This game still has a bit of that, but the Starscream level stands out as feeling very open world.

Another great addition is the upgrade system.  You can now collect different weapons and upgrade them via Teletraan 1.  Once I finally got Megatron’s cannon, I was a destructive force, but once I unlocked all the upgrades I felt unstoppable.

However, it’s not all Roses.  This game has some issues with interacting with items.  If you are too close to something you need to interact with it won’t give you the option.  You often need to stand in an exact spot for it to work.

The story felt a bit disjointed at times.  There were a few plot holes that just didn’t get completely resolved, but for the most part you can forgive them because they aren’t that relevant in the end.

The game takes about 6-8 hours to beat which means that if you have no interest in multiplayer you can rent the game and go through it in a weekend.  The game was hard to put down so you can go through it pretty quickly.

I hope they create a third game, but I don’t know exactly where they can go from here without completely destroying the G1 continuity more than they already have.  If you are reading this site, you should at least give this a game a try, but you probably already know that.