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HH_KeyArt_01For the past few NYCC’s, I’ve complained a bit about all the non-comic related media permeating the event. This year, I found myself missing it quite a bit.

Thankfully, Nerd-Base had been invited by South Korean developer Fincon to their NYCC after party promoting the US release of their popular (currently Fincon’s top-grossing game overseas) mobile RPG, Hello Hero.

In Hello Hero, players will journey with a team of five heroes across the Planet of Armon, battling against evil forces with sharp swords and powerful magic while gaining experience. As players build up their roster of Heroes, from guitar-playing cactus to a seductive succubus or a spear-wielding shark, they will be able to change up their gameplay style while accumulating massive wealth, which can be used to acquire more heroes or build up combat statistics.

Hello Hero features more than 200 unique characters that can be used to take on about 90 mission stages, Boss Raids and Player vs. Player arenas spread across a variety of environments including forests, oceans and dungeons. Every three days, players will be able to participate online together against a World Boss, combining their teams’ strengths and abilities to win epic battles.

Turtle Warp SpeedAt the event, Fincon had a nice station set up with the game on what I think was a set of Kindle Fire tablets. It looked great. The graphics were crisp and defined and even though I hadn’t played through any sort of tutorial, the gameplay seemed relatively easy to pick up (granted, I’ve a long history with RPGs, so I might have a slight advantage there). The action was fun and there seemed a lot to it in terms of upgrades and intricate item/spell weaving. There are also a TON of fun and yes, funny characters to pick from for your team. It played more like a combination of real-time and turn based where each character could take a turn every 5 seconds or so, so if you take longer than 5 seconds, the enemy may have already refreshed. This keeps the action level high and your brain running on overdrive, which in this type of game can be a definite plus as turn-based RPGs can get boring. Unfortunately there was a bit of a line and I didn’t want to hog the game so I didn’t have the opportunity to check any of the storyline sections. Regardless, since it is a free game (free to download and play, the game will contain microtransaction items and characters, much like Marvel Avengers Alliance) I will be downloading it when it releases some time this fall (they don’t have a definite roll-out date yet as they’re waiting for approval from the apple store).

In the meantime you can follow them, get updates and pre-register yourself for the game on facebook at

Game Modes include:

  • Mission: Take on about 90 stages across seven continents fighting a variety of enemies and bosses.
  • PvP: Combat with a friend in real time without consuming energy or stamina, and helps to increase skills and experience. Players easily invite a friend through identifying a nickname of a friend in game.
  • Arena Battle: Pit your team of five against others in the world of Hello Hero and see where you stack up worldwide.
  • Dungeon: Battle against a variety of enemies by completing stages that increase in difficulty. Rewards are greater and are focused on upgrading your characters
  • Boss Raid: Join heroes from around the world as you attack and collectively defeat a World Boss. The enemy changes from raid to raid and rewards are based on the level of damage inflicted.
That's a shark with a trident. Your argument is invalid.

That’s a shark with a trident. Your argument is invalid.

About Fincon
Founded in July 2012 by Yoo Chung-Gil, known for his vast MMORPG industry, Fincon was created by veteran MMORPG developers to provide its employees with a fun, creative environment focused on crafting the best games. Its first title, Hello Hero, was an immediate success after its local launch in South Korea, being widely considered to have realized the fun of an MMORPG on a mobile platform. Since its initial launch, Hello Hero has been downloaded more than one million times and was a Top Grossing game in the App Store (#1) and Google Play (#3).

About Hello Hero
Hello Hero ( is a mid-core social RPG for the iOS, Android and Facebook platforms and features over 200 unique characters for players to collect and use in the battle against the forces of Keronic, the raiders to the peaceful planet, Armon.. Hello Hero features a classic, turn-based combat style with players building the best team of 5 heroes to take on about 90 mission stages, Boss Raids, Arena Battles, Dungeons, Time Attack and PVP. The game is developed and published by Fincon , a South Korean mobile game developer with previous work in the MMORPG space.


Here’s some pics from the party, enjoy!

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