The Vintage Avengers!

Written by: Christopher Lee

The Avengers in theaters May 4th, 2012

I know, we’re all well aware that the Avengers comes out in a couple weeks, with some theaters doing a full “Avengers Day” package showing of all the films leading up to it. I’d kind of like at least one theater showing all the vintage live action films. Maybe they could, and maybe it could lead up to this.

Wow…just…wow. This is brilliant and I *kinda* wish it were real. I would have loved to see this as a kid!! Although I know it’s a bit obscure even for those in my age range, I LOVE the idea of Paul Lynde as “Loki” hahaha! And Kudos go to the creators of this for the very witty “Hawkeye” dual reference.

(FYI, I am well aware that some of the clips here are from the 80’s, but hey, I didn’t make the video!! Regardless, it still feels right with that date. I just feel this needs saying. I know how finicky “we” can be.)

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Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit!!!!

Written by: Christopher Lee

Twin Peaks Art Exhibit @ Copronason Gallery

Sadly, this exhibit is approximately 2,800 miles away from me. But that doesn’t mean some of you can’t go!

Showcasing work based on/inspired by this legendary (and personal favorite) TV series, the exhibit features some great contributions from David Lynch (the creator of the show), Grace Zabriskie (who played “the eerily psychic mother of the doomed Laura Palmer”, and quite a few others including a personal favorite artist of mine, the awesome Scott C. (check out his site/tumblr here, “Great Showdowns”).

Check out some of the pieces, they’re awesome!

Laura Palmer, “Wrapped in Plastic” (which was the name of the Twin Peaks fanzine back inna day)

The classic, "Wrapped in Plastic" Laura Palmer

A great sort of “Evil Angel” Laura:

Angel Laura

A wonderful rendering by Chris Mars of David Lynch himself as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole:

FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole.

One of my personal favorites, “Late Night at the Double R” featuring Laura with James Hurley on his motorcycle. (Incidentally, James Marshall who played James Hurley on “Twin Peaks” will also have art displayed, I don’t know the particular artist of this piece, it may very well be his, gorgeous either way).

Late Night at the Double R

An awesome stylistic depiction of the “Red Room” and inhabitants of the “Black Lodge” by Josh Agle, aka “Shag”:

Red Room 

*NEED* this as a poster:

I will catch you with my DEATH BAG!

and lastly, for now, for here, Scott C.’s wonderful depiction of a little down time in the Red Room of the Black Lodge with Agent Dale Cooper and The Man from Another Place.

Spring Cleaning in the Black Lodge

So awesome. I hope/wish/pray that this exhibit can/will somehow reach New York City. If you go pick me up a print!!


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