Quickie: Hulk Vs. Juggernaut

Jugg Vs Hulk

Okay, so I’ve been playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance a lot. Probably put in as many hours into that as Skyrim. I unlocked Juggernaut during the last PVP season, so it got me thinking.

In the comics, the two have butted heads before. Most infamously, Juggernaut once choked out the Hulk while unarmored. But as we well know, just because it happened once, doesn’t mean it will happen all the time, so what do you think? It’s a pretty consistent argument, like the ever fun Batman Vs Iron Man (c’mon, they’re pretty much the same character only with conflicting personalities) or Quicksilver Vs. The Flash.

An open field somewhere in the midwest. Both Hulk and Juggernaut have had a BAD day and are just looking to fight when they see each other……who is left standing?

So, let’s have a poll with discussions in the comments section below.

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