Xbox One news

Xbox-One-logoSeveral news items were released about the Xbox One today.  Microsoft has confirmed more games coming to the Xbox One.  The list is now 50 games strong, however it needs to be noted that these are not necessarily launch games.   Hopefully we will have a release date, and launch lineup this week because of Gamescom, the world’s largest video game convention.  Gamescom starts tomorrow so there will hopefully be a lot of news for both the PS4, and the Xbox One.

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Robotech Love Live Alive

LovelivealiveThe Robotech Masters at Harmony Gold have released a new movie, Robotech Love Live Alive.  Going back to when I was a child, the only thing that came close to my love for Transformers, was Robotech.  There were probably times where I loved Robotech more.  I didn’t know exactly what this was going to be before I picked it up, but I was hoping that I would magically fold space and time back to my childhood.  I had been waiting for new Robotech ever since Shadow Chronicles back in 2006 so I was sold on whatever Robotech Live Love Alive turned out to be.  Unfortunately this release malfunctioned and I folded space straight into an asteroid.

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