Xbox One news

Xbox-One-logoSeveral news items were released about the Xbox One today.  Microsoft has confirmed more games coming to the Xbox One.  The list is now 50 games strong, however it needs to be noted that these are not necessarily launch games.   Hopefully we will have a release date, and launch lineup this week because of Gamescom, the world’s largest video game convention.  Gamescom starts tomorrow so there will hopefully be a lot of news for both the PS4, and the Xbox One.


rumor was released today about the Xbox One launching with a free 3rd party pack in game.   This game is rumored to be a major title.  Speculation on Reddit has many people hoping its FIFA 14 because the rumor came out of Europe, where FIFA is a monster on the sales charts.  If this rumor is true, it will be the first 3rd party pack in game . . . possibly ever for a major home console release.  Usually pack in games are reserved for first party titles like Wii Sports, and Halo.  I don’t have much stock in this rumor, but it will be interesting to see if it’s true.   Currently this rumor is only for the UK release.   Hopefully if it is true, it will be for all territories, and not just Europe.

Amazon and Microsoft have teamed up for a new program called “One Up Your Game“.  Basically if you buy a game like Madden NFL 25 for the Xbox 360 which gets released next week, you can later upgrade your copy to an Xbox One version for $10 once it gets released.  This is one good way to help get around the lack of backwards comparability on some of the hottest games this fall.  Details on how the program works are detailed here.

Finally, IGN has updated their weekly column where  the Chief Xbox One Platform Architect, Marc Whitten answers questions IGN’s community has asked.     Some topics include cross-console chat, demoes, and audio quality.  It’s worth your time to check back on IGN’s article every Monday to see the latest updates.

So, what do you think?

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