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Sharing video comparison

I was a little disappointed in the video quality of the shared video for both the Xbox One and the PS4.  They both work well enough, but I wish they used a higher bitrate for capturing.  As  comparison I used Avermedia’s Live Game Portable device to do a video comparison.  The Xbox One and PS4 video’s are going to be on the left, and the LGP will be on the right.

If you have a hard time seeing the difference with youtube, you may want to download the video with keepvid.com and look at it locally for a better comparison.

Remote Play over the internet part 2

I’ve been doing a ton of testing with Remote Play on the PS4, using my Vita, and the results are pretty positive, but not perfect.  In my testing, I had a 5 Mbs upload with Time Warner which is causing any issues that you see in my videos.  On games that aren’t visually intense it’s not too bad, but on NBA 2K14 it definitely hampers things.

Another issue with Remote Play, are the actual controls.  The Vita just isn’t good as a controller, and it’s a shame, because Remote Play is a great feature that’s hampered by awkward controls.   The Vita doesn’t have an L3, R3 that have been standard in most controllers for a decade since the PS2.   The back touch screen means that you have to hold the controller awkwardly or risk activating something you didn’t mean to.  Perhaps I just need to get used to the Vita, but it feels like I have to get used to using a poor design.

Remote Play over the internet between the PS4 and the PS Vita

This shows off the PS4 using remote play with the Vita across the internet. For the simplest setup you should have UPnP enabled on your home router. If your home router doesn’t have UPnP then either turn your PS4 into a DMZ host, or enable ports 9295, 9296, and 9297. Hopefully this will get you working.

Test Details:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as a mobile hotspot over T-Mobile’s LTE network averaging 15 Mbs up and down.
  • Time Warner’s home internet connection speed of 30 Mbs up and 5 Mbs down.
  • Netgear WNR3500Lv2 router with UPnP enabled.  

My 360 on the PS4

ps4_hw_2d_rgbNot too long ago I was pretty convinced that I was going to cancel my PS4 pre-order.  I even wrote an article about it called Canceling my PS4 pre-order.  Then I did a breakdown on the PS4 FAQ and discovered some interesting things.  There were some negatives and some positives, but in the end it made me reverse my opinion on the system.  I’ve gone back full circle and now I’m going to keep my PS4 pre-order.

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What is Next Gen?

What is Next GenWhen fellow Nerd-Base writer Dave Chosid and I get into discussions about videogames, there is one topic that continuously comes up.  What is next gen?  Why upgrade?  Is it just better graphics, or is there more to it?  At first I didn’t have a good response for him because it seemed like he was right.  I didn’t see anything else other than slightly updated graphics.  As news continues to come out about both systems, I think I finally have a good idea as to what next gen is supposed to be.

This last generation was all about motion controls, and high definition.  The Xbox 360 kicked everything off with HD graphics right out the gate.  The original Xbox and the PS2 could do some games in HD, but it was few and far between.  The PS3 and the Wii launched about a year later.  The PS3 continued the trend with HD graphics, but the Wii went a different way with motion controls.  After the Wii’s great success Microsoft and Sony followed suit with the Kinect, and the PlayStation Move.

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PS4 FAQ Breakdown

ps4retailcontentsAfter pouring through the PS4 FAQ last week, I wanted to give a breakdown on some of the important items that might be easy to miss.  There are a lot of positives and negatives going on that people can overlook.  I’ve added commentary on some items to give clarification and insight on what’s actually going on, or at least what we believe is going on. The original FAQ Sony posted is twice the size this and very disorganized.  I’ve moved items around into different sections to make the FAQ easier to follow.  I’ve also removed a lot of unimportant or redundant items to cut down the size of the FAQ.  I mostly stay away from console comparisons because this is about the PS4 specifically, and not meant for console war flame bait.

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