EXCITING NEWS! BBC Posts Doctor Who “Day of the Doctor” Prequel With A SURPRISE!

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UPDATE: A good question posed. It’s in the comments after the video.

This morning the BBC posted a 7 minute prequel/short leading up to the Day of the Doctor 50th Anniversary episode.

Nothing will be said here. After the cut, you’ll see the video. After the video will be a bit about my excitement. DON’T READ UNDERNEATH THE VIDEO IF YOU DON’T WANT A SPOILER!! Without further ado, enjoy The Night of the Doctor:

How cool was that?

First, to give a little space between the video and the spoilers,did any of you notice the TARDIS on last night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


Pretty neat, huh?


Okay guys…


First off, can we just say how awesome it is that John Hurt’s mystery “Doctor” is named the “War Doctor”?



UPDATE: Artist John Trumbull asked a very good question, “So does this mean that every Doctor since Paul M is actually one Doctor later than what we thought?”

Well…since he didn’t necessarily “regenerate” per se…he drank that potion, does it count? Umm…I see what you did there Moffat. Sneaky way to troll the lore and get people talking. What do you think?

I’ve not been quiet about my love of McGann’s Doctor. Okay, yes, the movie was weird, kinda campy, lotta cheesy, VERY 1990’s TV movie…but his Doctor was just brilliant. That was the best thing about it. If you’re a fan of the series and you watch the 1996 made-for-tv-in-the-USA Doctor Who movie, which was to be a pilot, of sorts, for an American version of the show, the one thing that will stand out is how great McGann’s Doctor is. I mean, he had the character of the Doctor down. He was goofy, but intense. He loved life, but had a dark side. It was all there. I think I loved his performance so much because I never got to see more. Alas, how great is it that we FINALLY get a regeneration scene for him?

So McGann was, in a way, trolling us all when, during all the interviews, he kept saying “I was gutted” about not getting asked to come back and reprise his role as the Doctor. I say “in a way” because although this isn’t necessarily part of the 50th, it is(?). I’m sure it’ll be included on the blu-ray and everything. When I viewed it there was only 301 hits on the video. I imagine that will blow up by the end of the day.

So, what do you think?

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