Merry Christmas to All!!

nbchristmas2Now, I’m about to incite a bit of controversy with the SPC folks (Socially Political Correct, I just made that up, you’re welcome to use it, but make sure you tell ’em Nerd-Base sent ya!).

I’m going to say “Merry Christmas” to all of you for a few reasons, most of which I’m sure you’re all well aware of, yet for some reason, I’m again made aware that the self-righteous, socio-political army has been up in arms again lately giving people a hard time:

  1. If you’re going to take away “Christmas” from people, be prepared to also remove Hanukkah, Kwaanza, Chrimbus, Festivus, Wookiee Life Day, etc, etc, etc. Also, be prepared to sharpen your psychic powers that allow you to know every holiday and belief that every person you encounter follows while you proceed in your sterilization of culture as the first step in your totalitarian, dystopian future. I’m sure Big Brother appreciates your efforts.
  2. I don’t consider this a “Christian Holiday”. Christmas has never been about Christ. Santa himself, arguably the most recognizable yet least Christian thing about Christmas, is based on the norse god, Odin! (Lest we mention the Krampus!) Christmas Trees, possibly more or less recognizably Christmas as Santa, are based on yet another older than Christianity tradition. People that sing Christmas songs that mention the holy spirit put about as much feeling and thought into it as they do when they’re rockin’ out to some Bon Jovi (aka the most successful Christian Rock performer that you never realized was Christian Rock, seriously, give it a listen, wow). People put the manger on their lawns these days because their parents did it and they just think it’s a tradition to do so. I’d honestly venture to say that over 70% of the people in the world that celebrate Christmas don’t do anything religious on the holiday or regard it as religious. If the people that made this holiday to try and indoctrinate the druids/pagans/nords/what have you, tried a little harder, they wouldn’t have been so obvious about it. It’s been relatively proven that Jesus was not born during this time of year. That the holiday is an assimilation of the winter solstice and a dozen or more “older than christianity” traditions from all over the world that “the church” tried to grab and say, “Oh, this was my idea. Just join my group so you can have all your things but our things as well…just make sure you do what I say.”
  3. My point is, to me and most, Christmas is a holiday of family, friends, and tradition. Not religion. Not anymore. Not to me, nor just about anyone that I know. Most of my closest friends are Jewish for pete’s sake and we’ve celebrated many Christmas’ together! One of my best Christmas memories was spending it with David and Rishard (both Nerd-Base contributors), exchanging gifts, sitting around, watching movies, playing video games, and having a nice dinner. Anyone that gets insulted at you saying “Merry Christmas” is just a jerk drama hound who doesn’t realize that if they just said, “Thanks, but I don’t celebrate, but I sure do love Egg Nog!! Let’s go get a drink and learn about each other’s traditions and practices and enjoy each other’s companionship.”. Because *psst* if they do that, they’re not only being a better person all around, no matter what religion or upbringing, but they’re kind of celebrating the kind of Christmas tradition that I prefer.
  4. It’s because as much as I, like most nerds, complain about the general populace, I believe that (almost) everyone is inherently a good person. I have the Chrimbus cheer and it feels good and I just want to spread those good vibes to others.
  5. When I lived down in North Carolina, or Pennsylvania, or any of the “small towns” outside of the NYC metro area, you could walk down the street, pass a random stranger and say, “Hello” or what not and get a smile and a return. Around here, you get weird looks. But not during the holidays. During the holidays, I can walk down the streets of New York, wish some random person a “Merry Christmas” and though they may not return it, they may not celebrate it, for the most part, I think, they appreciate it. Because it’s just a random, small, act of kindness. It’s just some random person wishing you good tidings during the season when there are so many out there who may not be having such a good time at things, and I think that’s appreciated.

This all being said. I hope all of you out there have a happy, wonderful, and safe Christmas tomorrow. You don’t even need anyone else. A nice bottle of wine, or a warm cup of tea/coffee/cocoa and a good movie or two will do the trick nicely (I recommend any of the Harry Potter films. I don’t know why, they just feel “christmas-y”).

Thanks for another great year all!!

If you DO happen to live in the NYC area, David and I, along with a few of our friends, will be celebrating New Years Day at Coney Island for the Polar Bear Swim. We’ll be wearing suits and having a little tea party in the chilly Atlantic waters. We shouldn’t be too hard to spot. Come say Hi!!

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