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Shaolin is a story about warlords during early twentieth century China, their relationship with the Shaolin Buddhist temple, and its resident kung-fu monks. The movie’s title, “Shaolin”, is an overly generic name to describe a simple story. I went into this expecting almost a historical account of all things Shaolin. Nope. It’s just a completely fictional story.

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An evening with Jackie Chan

IMGP1614Last night I was in the presence of Film and Martial Arts greatness.  Jackie Chan was at the Lincoln Film Center presenting his new movie Chinese Zodiac.  In my teens and throughout my 20’s Jackie Chan was one of my heroes.  His talents in Martial Arts and Comedy combined together to make one of the greatest entertainers to appear in our life time.  His charm and comedic timing showed up on stage last night to create an awesome evening for all in attendance.

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Tai Chi Fist (aka: Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Chun, Tai Chi II, Tai Chi Boxer)


First off, I’m not entirely sure why this movie goes under so many names, especially Tai Chi II since this is a stand-alone story and Wu Jing’s (Jackie Wu) first movie, made in 1993. In fact, his character becomes Continue reading Tai Chi Fist (aka: Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Chun, Tai Chi II, Tai Chi Boxer)