Evil Don’t

safe_imageIf I have one giant pet peeve in any narrative story, it’s when smart people do really dumb things to help advance the plot.  Sometimes I can turn my brain off and forgive certain things, but not when the entire plot of your film is predicated on bad mistakes.  In a recent IO9 article, they asked Bruce Campbell about the secrets of great  film-making.  He responded

“I think horror movies are better if people give a shit, and make a decent movie. I feel like there’s lazy film-makers in general out there. I [would like] a little more industrious film-making, please. I just think they need to work a little harder, pay attention, and don’t treat audiences like they’re stupid.”

I wish director Fede Alvarez would have followed that basic rule in making this film.  To be fair Evil Dead isn’t all bad.  It has some great moments in the middle of the flick, but the beginning and the end surpass my ability to suspend disbelief.

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