UPDATE: Godzilla 2014: The Beast Revealed?

godzilla bannerLONG LIVE THE KING….OF MONSTERS!!!!

This article was originally published on 9.11.2013. Interesting update at the bottom of the article following the cut.

Earlier today, someone posted this image of the titular King of Monsters from Legendary Pictures upcoming Godzilla film, directed by Gareth Edwards (backtracking through articles, the source seems Continue reading

GOJIRA!!! Legendary Pictures Announces Principal Photography and Release Date!

godzilla bannerLegendary Pictures made their first big announcement today about their upcoming “American” reboot of Godzilla!!

I am a HUGE G-Fan and of all the movies being released, this will likely be the one you’ll see me following/posting updates for most often.

Here’s the release statement regarding casting, beginning of principal photography, and the RELEASE DATE of the upcoming film (also a quick word from director Gareth Edwards: Continue reading