My Very First NYCC Experience

It’s Saturday morning, and my first day attending New York Comic Con 2013! Excited, but anxious as I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to only two conventions before, but nothing like this.  My first convention was Philly Comic Con (Wizard World), which was crowded, but quite small and didn’t consist of many panels. The second convention I went to was the Supernatural Convention in Whippany, NJ back in May of this year (run by Creation Entertainment).

Any geek convention is basically the cosplay center, so, naturally I had to do some sort of cosplay for my first day attending. I had recently become a big fan of the Hawkeye comic books and decided to do a two-part cosplay with fellow Nerd-Base member Christopher as Hawkeye & Kate Bishop. I tried to get as accurate as I could with her outfit in the comics (specifically the one pictured here), but it’s nearly impossible to find a matching zip up jacket and jeans that are exactly the same shade of purple.

Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye Comics.

Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye Comics.

Unless of course you make it yourself, special order it, or wear a body suit and customize it from there. Luckily, I ended up finding a nice purple zip up “yoga jacket” from Target (as well as the purple aviators), and purple jeans with a nice wide belt from H&M. Also, being that I’m blonde, I ordered a black wig from eBay to top it off. The one thing I was missing was the helmet pictured, but there was no way I was either wearing a helmet over my wig, which was already bothering me from the moment I had put it on, nor carrying it around. So, I decided to do without it.  Chris had nailed down the Hawkeye cosplay perfectly. We had seen a few Hawkguys at the con, but none with the details he had put into it, including the gauze wrapped around his arms, and medical bandages randomly placed on his face. Chris had also dyed his hair blonde! That is dedication, my friends. Continue reading

Nerd-Base’s Guide To The Fall 2013 TV Lineup


This is a fantastic time in television history to be a geek. Sure in the past we’ve had lots of wonderful and dare I say, legendary shows, but it’s always been one or two shows worth watching at a time. No longer. Our community of fandoms now has a plethora of shows that fit many genres yet somehow all cater to the same “type” of people, which is wonderful. Starting next week, the fall season of television drops like a sledgehammer on our collective psyches and millions of people will be begging for larger storage on their DVRs. Let’s take a look at some of the great new shows and upcoming new seasons of successful mainstays:

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