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NYCC PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hands on

One of the first things I did on Thursday after being let into the New York Comic Con was head straight to the videogames.  One of the first games I tried was “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”.  I was looking forward to giving the game a try for a while because of the “Super Smash Bros.” comparison.  Unfortunately this game is no “Super Smash Bros.”.

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Videogames at NYCC *Updated*

Every year at the New York Comic Con, companies bring their upcoming titles for the fall season for the public to try out.   Because it’s so late in the year you can usually play all of the biggest games coming out for the holiday season.  This year is not different.

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Review: Double Dragon Neon

When I was a kid I remember going to a local store and dropping quarters anytime I could, to play Double Dragon.  It was pretty much the quintessential beat-em up genre game of the 80’s  Like any great 80’s game, they made a horrible 90’s movie loosely based on it.

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