Why you should get PlayStation Plus

When PlayStation Plus first launched back in 2010 it was pretty useless.  PS+ gave you early access to demos, and discounts on games.  Now it’s a different ballgame.   PS+ allows you to download and keep games for free as long as you remain a member.  Pretty much every week (sometimes every other week) they add a new game.  The games usually aren’t that old either.  Some games are a few years old, but some are brand new.  Either way, if you haven’t played them before it’s a worthwhile proposition.  The new free game of the week is Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition which was originally released back in 2010.

Along with free games (as if that wasn’t enough) they still give you discounts on games, as well as early beta and demo access.  They have also added cloud storage.  You can now have your game saves stored on the cloud.  If your PS3 ever dies you can still keep your game saves.

PlayStation Plus does cost $50 a year, which is pretty good considering a new game would normally cost $60.  Signing up is also a small pain in the butt because you have to do it through your PS3 which is annoying to type through using a controller.  It would be better if they allowed you to sign-up via a website and attached it to your PSN name like Microsoft does with the Xbox.

I am far from a PlayStation fanboy, but this deal is just too good to pass up.  I’ve been a member for a few months now and a pretty happy one at that.  I don’t even have time to play all the free games they keep throwing at us.  You can check the Playstation Plus Blog every Tuesday to see what the week’s new releases are.

The worst part about PlayStation Plus is that I might need a bigger hard drive soon.

So, what do you think?

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