Review: Angry Birds Star Wars

Before you continue reading this you should immediately pull out your phone or tablet, and start downloading Angry Birds Star Wars.  While your device of choice is downloading the game, I’ll tell you why you made a wise decision.

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest game in the Angry Birds series by Rovio.  The original Angry Birds was massively popular physics based game, where birds are taking revenge on pigs that stole their eggs.  You hurl different types of birds across your screen using a slingshot.  Different birds have different abilities, including bombs and, splitting into 3.

Earlier this year Rovio released Angry Birds Space which was similar to the original game, but it added the gravitational pull of celestial bodies to the mix.  So instead of just flinging a bird across the screen, you can now fling the bird near a planet, or moon, and have the birds orbit around their target until they hit.

In Angry Birds Star Wars they took everything they previously used, and combined them with Star Wars to make an epic  little game.  It features birds that are based on Star Wars characters that have their own special abilities.

  • Luke has a lightsaber ability, and swings it out attacking what’s in front of him.
  • Obi-Wan uses the force to push an object that is near him.
  • Han Solo will shoot his blaster 3 times which is good for hitting things at long distance.
  • Chewbacca is a giant bird that will go through just about anything.
  • Rebel Pilots split into 3 birds just like the original game
  • R2D2 shoots out electricity
  • C3PO will detonate himself and his shrapnel will disperse out until it hits something.

One of the other great mechanics this game added is the pigs fighting back.   In previous games the Pigs just sat there and waited for you to take them out.  In this game the pigs man turrets that you can either take out, or fly past with good timing.  Sometimes when you take the turret out, it may cause friendly fire taking out some of the pigs it was intending to protect.  Some of my favorite moments in the game involved accidentally taking a turret out and having it do the dirty work for me.

In most Angry Birds game there isn’t a cohesive story to follow, but this game does a good job of telling the original Star Wars tale with zero dialogue..  Sometimes there are small cut scenes to show you the area you are supposed to be in.  Other times it will be a simple picture.  Either way they present it, if you have ever seen Star Wars, you totally understand what’s going on.

Angry Birds Star Wars breaks their levels down into worlds.  Each world has 40 levels except the bonus world which has 33.  Currently the worlds include Tatooine, Death Star, Path of the Jedi, and Bonus.  Hoth should be a free update made available in the future.  Tatooine and the Death Star worlds follow the plot of A New Hope, while Hoth, and Path of The Jedi follow Empire Strikes Back.  I assume in the future they will have paid DLC for Return of The Jedi.

In the game as you play through each level you earn Stars which unlock other features and bonus levels.  One cool thing you earn as you play is the use of the Millennium Falcon.  It will allow you to change one of your birds into a beacon which will send for the falcon to fire on a particular area of the screen.

The sound in the game is excellent.  It basically sounds like Star Wars.  It doesn’t sound like they lifted the original music and sound effects, but it sounds close enough that you know exactly what they were going for.  On most portable games I tend to eventually mute the game music or sound effects because it gets repetitive but I didn’t get that feeling with this game.

I enjoyed this immensely but it has 2 small issues.  The first being that it was a bit easier than most Angry Birds games because the special abilities are so awesome.  The second is that the game doesn’t have an individual volume control other than mute.  Most high profiled games released for the mobile space will have a way to lower the volume of the game so you can listen to other things, but still hear the game if you wanted to.  With this game it’s all or nothing.

This game has been released on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, PC, and OS X.   Each one has a different price point, but on Android you can play through Tatooine, and Death Star for free with the occasional ad.  If you choose play through Path of The Jedi, it will cost you $1 with ads and $2 without.

Positives              Negatives
  • Each bird’s abilities made sense for the character.
  • The music and sound effects felt right.
  • Environment effects like gravity, and turrets were spot on.
  • Felt a bit too easy.
  • There weren’t any sounds options in the game to change volume other than mute.
  • No Princess Leia bird in the game?


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