Comic Book Covers 10/31/2012

I do apologize for the delay, but I got hurricaned on and lost power for a week.  On top of that deliveries were delayed and the comic book store didn’t get their books on time.  On the bright side you get two posts in one week, double the covers! 

The Mighty Thor #22

Variant Cover by Pascal Garcin

The final issue of Matt Fraction’s run on Thor.  While maybe not as epic as his Iron Man run, it is still well worth reading.  Additionally, he really must be congratulated for introducing Kid Loki into the Marvel Universe, one of its current best characters.

A + X #1

Variant Cover by Skottie Young

Avengers vs. X-Men brought us the A vs. X mini series, which was basically just an excuse to have heroes fight each other.  Now that the storyline has been completed we get A + X, which is basically just an excuse to have heroes team up.  As far as I can tell every new Marvel Now! book has a Skottie Young Babies variant, and you can be pretty sure you’ll see them all.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #18

Cover by Dave Johnson

The Ultimate Universe has seen really major shake ups in the past year or so.  Things like a new Spider-Man in Miles Morales, and Captain America being voted President of the United States.  The story lines feel suitably epic, and the books do a very good job tying into each other, making the whole thing feel very cohesive.  Brian Wood has been doing quite a job in making life miserable for mutants, and I’m excited to see where he goes. Also, this cover has Kitty Pryde shooting a Sentinel in the head, so there’s that.

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