RIP: Monty Oum

RIP MontyA few years ago, when Nerd-Base was just starting out, one of my first big pieces was an interview with the guys from Rooster Teeth.

I had (to my surprise at the time) scored a press pass to NYCC, and as happens, started receiving all the emails from people wanting to get some easy press for their wares.

I set up meetings with a LOT of people/companies for the weekend. Being very green to the experience, I just kind of filled my plate. I didn’t expect to Continue reading

10 Years of Red Vs Blue: The greatest machinima series. Of all time.

“Hey….You ever wonder why we’re here?”
Ten years ago that question was muttered on the roof of Blood Gulch Outpost 1(B) as two UNSC soldiers, Simmons and Grif, pondered their existence purpose in their little canyon. Little did they know the answer would prove to shatter their lives….sorta.

For the few, unfortunate of you that don’t know, Red Vs Blue is one of the first, longest running, and most popular web-series in existence Continue reading